**New Brand Identity Furthers Commitment to Helping Enterprises Drive Global Website Quality and Compliance, and Control Digital Content**

New York and London – September 25, 2012 – Magus, the company behind the leading Web Quality Management (WQM) platform, today announced that it is rebranding to ActiveStandards, based on the strength of its flagship product of the same name. The new brand identity represents the company’s commitment to crystalizing a brand that better defines its mission to its customers.

ActiveStandards helps more than 100 global companies – including Unilever, Shell, CSC, HP and Canon – take a proactive approach to improving website effectiveness, enabling organizations to have trust and confidence in the quality and compliance of their global websites.

**The Pain of Web Management**

Despite improved technology for deploying content and managing it on websites, a key challenge has been scaling quality control processes across global enterprises that have tens or hundreds of international sites. ActiveStandards’ hosted software platform monitors content quality and consistency across multiple web sites to deliver 100% visibility from both a strategic and operational standpoint. ActiveStandards allows organizations to measure the impact and effectiveness of their user experience – ensuring brand consistency and compliance across an array of digital touch points.

Scott Liewehr, Digital Content Technology Analyst, Digital Clarity Group, said, “Today's empowered consumer expects digital content to be engaging, contextual and personally relevant. Web content management and digital marketing technology vendors have kept pace with these increased expectations, making it easier to create targeted, personalized content more efficiently. However, the result has produced a governance nightmare. ActiveStandards has always had unique technology to make web quality management a fast and easy process, allowing web managers to focus on creating valuable content rather than monitoring for defects."

Simon Lande, CEO of ActiveStandards, said, “Many companies take a passive approach to website quality and consider standards to be static. ActiveStandards provides a dynamic approach by empowering our clients to deliver a world-class web presence, drive greater corporate brand value and subsequently generate more business opportunities and sales. Rebranding to ActiveStandards aligns us closely with the dynamism of what we offer and with the nature of what we achieve for our customers.”

**100 Global Customers**

ActiveStandards has helped customers like Shell, Canon, Volvo, Alcatel-Lucent, CSC, HP and Virgin Atlantic Airways to significantly reduce operational costs and drive a more consistent brand.

Christopher Marin, Senior Manager, CSC, said, “If you have a large, complex website you need a tool like ActiveStandards. It's not possible to operate it optimally without that. Yes, you can employ 100 people to check every page every day but the most rational approach is to employ a service like ActiveStandards.”

Jerome Colombe, Head of Web Governance, Alcatel-Lucent, said, “ActiveStandards is unique. Often when a website is implemented, people measure success in terms of visitor metrics – but it's just as important to measure the quality of the experience you are delivering as well. ActiveStandards is the best quality management system available.”

**About ActiveStandards**

ActiveStandards is the leading Web Quality Management (WQM) platform, used by more Global 500 companies than any other solution. Companies like Unilever, Shell, CSC, HP, Canon and others turn to ActiveStandards to significantly reduce the burden and manual-labor process of globalizing content, while ensuring brand and content consistency. ActiveStandards’ powerful yet easy-to-use online dashboard transforms how marketing and technical teams work together to optimize the quality and compliance of their web properties and drive business growth. Its proven technology, supported by a team of web quality and compliance experts, helps enterprise and mid-market companies streamline the governance of their digital properties, reduce operational costs, and mitigate risk. For more information, visit www.activestandards.com or subscribe to our blog at blog.activestandards.com.

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Published on: 12:00PM on 25th September 2012