MAR 2005 – Harrod Horticultural, home shopping supplier of gardening products, has launched a new e-commerce website designed, developed and managed by Screen Pages which has already yielded impressive return on investment.

Year-on-year internet sales are up by 60% and site conversion ratios have improved by 24% due to easier navigation, clearer check out processes and a more reliable e-commerce infrastructure.

Harrod Horticultural was founded in 1954 and has a strong reputation for gardening product design and development. It has recently expanded its range of gardening, greenhouse and cage products following an expansion in its product range and an acquisition.

The site, which can be visited at, has been delivered using Screen Pages’ internet mail order solution, Screen Commerce.

Key goals for the new website included:

* Improved branding and design to position Harrod as a premium supplier with a quality service;
* Acquisition of new customers searching for gardening products and tools on the Internet;
* Equip the site with important sales and marketing tools for campaigns (emails, sales, promotions, recommendations, cross-sells etc) to increase order values;
* Provide a broad set of tools to promote and manage an online gardening community (best sellers, gifts, kitchen garden, ask the expert, prize draw etc);
* Online customer accounts and profiles to recognise returning customers and improve customer service;
* Integration with Harrod’s mail order processing package, Syspro.

Staphanie Harrod, managing director of Harrod Horticultural, said: “Our sales are expanding at 50% per annum and at a similar rate through the Internet. It was incredibly important that we beefed up our site to attract more visitors, make it easier to shop and to encourage repeat purchases. We picked Screen Pages because of its success with other mail order companies as well as the high service level and professionalism of its account team.”

Roger Willcocks, managing director of Screen Pages said: "Harrod is an established business in a strong niche market with an excellent pedigree: we’re very pleased to be working with its team. With a quality brand, a great product range and a commitment to customer service, I am sure its ambitions to grow dramatically via the Internet will be achieved.”

For further information:
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T: 01932 359 160

Published on: 12:00AM on 12th March 2005