AT Internet, a major player in Web Analytics and Online Intelligence since 1995, has announced the launch of Analyzer III, the latest version of its decision-making solution dedicated to measuring traffic audience and analysing the performance of web sites, mobile sites and social media.

Analyzer III: a pragmatic response to business needs
With its latest version, the French publisher is profoundly changing marketing and online analytics jobs by providing a solution that best meets its customers’ needs. Analyzer III speeds up and simplifies each of the critical phases of any analytics project. Implementation and reporting have been optimised to make more time for data analysis and interpretation.
The aim is to improve the efficiency of each employee involved in any analytics project, by providing them with relevant decision making data that corresponds exactly to their needs and objectives.

Analyzer III: new features
To bring about this change, AT Internet has focused its developments on several key phases of the decision-making cycle including the tagging method, extracting, structuring and customising data, monitoring technical performance and on the offer of services the company provides to assist its customers.
The first major change is that the solution will be implemented using the Soft Tagging method. The advantage of this technology is that it considerably speeds up and simplifies the tagging phase, whilst making marketing teams increasingly autonomous in adapting or refining their analyses, developing their tagging plan, updating data, and in overcoming technical difficulties.
In terms of reporting, which is central to the analysts’ job, AT Internet has developed a new data modelling interface on which users can create exportable custom reports that can be updated in real-time, in different formats (CSV, Excel, XML, API).
With the different customisation possibilities and cross metrics (with segments or dimensions), users from traffic and publishing managers to SEO and merchandising teams now have access to a 100% adaptable tool which meets the needs of their domain and sector of activity.
Another key feature which stands out is the standard integration of Observer, the performance monitoring tool, into Analyzer III, providing site managers with an increased vision of the technical performance of their web sites, pages and servers.
As far as assistance is concerned, the release of Analyzer III has been the opportunity for AT Internet to expand its range of services, focusing on training and consulting with new services on tagging, data manipulation, customisation and interpretation. The company is preparing its teams of consultants in France and abroad for one goal: adapting the services to meet the specific needs of its clients as well as matching their level of maturity in using analytics solutions.
Mathieu Llorens, AT Internet CEO explains that “This new version is more than just a simple product update in that it profoundly changes the daily work of web and marketing professionals. It was essential for us to offer a solution that focuses on professional efficiency, capable of freeing up time for highly valued tasks. This major product development has been based on the in-depth knowledge that we have of our customers, their jobs and their expectations. These different advances all form part of our company’s strategy on agility to guarantee our users ever increased responsiveness and reliability with our flexible and high performing solutions.”

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AT Internet, European leader in the field of Web Analytics since 1995, helps companies drive their online performance and optimise their presence on all online marketing channels such as web and mobile sites, applications, e-CRM, social media etc. The company’s Online Intelligence solutions provide reliable, valid, complete decision-making data. AT Internet has placed agility at the heart of its innovation process to provide its clients with an evolutionary and 100% modular solution that responds to the challenges faced by companies today. The strength of AT Internet’s technology and quality of its customer relations are recognised worldwide (Forrester Wave 2011). AT Internet has more than 3,500 clients all over the world from all sectors. The company, which has more than 150 employees, is present in 20 different countries through its subsidiaries and partners.

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Published on: 1:08PM on 4th October 2012