Surf lifestyle company Kangaroo Poo are rapidly enhancing the quality of their entire operation. The initial impact of this has been seen on the design of the clothes but a second step was to replicate the new levels of quality and branding across the Kangaroo Poo website.

To facilitate this, Kangaroo Poo’s Managing Director Gary Wells and Marketing Manager Mark Graham selected the Hub Communications Group to conduct a complete redesign of their website – rolling it out against a very demanding deadline in order to coincide with the launch of their Spring/Summer 05 clothing range.

“We realised early on how important it was to reflect our new branding through the website, as for some of our customers this is their main exposure to Kangaroo Poo and its offerings” says Mark Graham. “We knew that The Hub was best placed to do this for us.”

The key role of the site is to promote the four Kangaroo Poo brands, which The Hub have chosen to do via interactive flash areas on the site. They have also created the Poo HQ Blogger, which reveals the latest news from Kangaroo Poo Headquarters, along with reports on the events around the UK that the team will be sponsoring. The blogger is aimed at involving customers in order to keep them returning to the site.

As Marketing Manager, Mark Graham was keen for the site to offer a great user experience within the online store, which he is convinced has been achieved

As dictated in the initial brief, the entire site has been designed around a Content Management System, giving Kangaroo Poo staff the ability to update almost every aspect of the site, keeping the content fresh and interesting without the need for external support.

With an aggressive growth strategy in place for Kangaroo Poo in the next 24 months, Phase Two of the website is already being considered, so it was crucial that the new design and layout was as future-proof as possible.

In addition to designing and building the site The Hub will continue to host and maintain the site on behalf of Kangaroo Poo.

Mark Graham praised The Hub for the fact that, “despite tight timescales and budget they have managed to produce a stunning website that perfectly reflects our brand aspirations…delivered on time and to cost!”

The Hub have enjoyed working on the project enormously. Lead Designer, Mark Arnold, commented, “It’s been great to work on a site where we have been able to go to town in creating a fun site, with a strong creative identity, whilst meeting all of the goals set out by Kangaroo Poo”.

The Website is due to be launched in mid-March

About Kangaroo Poo: Kangaroo Poo was established in 1985 and produce surfwear, urbanwear, anywhere clothing ranges for men, women and children.

Kangaroo Poo products are sold through a network of independent stores throughout the UK. The company has it’s own store in the Xscape Centre in Milton Keynes. Their website serves as a marketing and sales tool for the company.

About the Hub: The Hub Communications Group was formed in 1995. In the past nine years, they have completed over 140 projects for a wide range of blue chip clients including Vodafone, MSN and The US Embassy.

For further information please contact:

Caroline Candler, Campaign Manager,
Tel: 020 8560 9222 ext 240

Published on: 12:00AM on 14th March 2005