In 2011 Web Liquid released its first Social Media Monitoring Buyer’s Guide, a comprehensive review of the Social Media Monitoring vendor market. The document was created to aid both client and agency in making the right choice when it came to identifying their monitoring solution. It was welcomed within the marketing industry, receiving publication across numerous news sites and blogs. The Guide was featured on many of the vendors own websites who made up the audit.

This second Social Media Monitoring Buyer's Guide marks a clear step forward in not only the way established, well known vendors such as Synthesio and Radian 6 are working hard to differentiate themselves from the pack, but also in the development of clear methodologies around the sector. Now more than ever, rigorous approaches to social data are an important step to legitimising investment and more importantly, extracting true value from studies.

This study has given consideration to all products existing and launched throughout the period in our efforts to produce only the best, most current and most valuable review. The Guide construction was built upon strategic comparative testing ensuring complete fairness throughout. A long list of 57 was refined to be representative of the most highly competent industry tools in a primary shortlist of 12 vendors. Further comparisons and Sales Demos ensued, leaving 5 finalists for hands-on testing.

The comparative test focused on the insight that every Brand or Social Media Manager would want to know: ‘what is being said online about my brand?’

Web Liquid has approached the study with the aim not only of defining, ’what is being said’, but also ‘who said it, where and why have they said’. Through segmenting audiences we have proven the value of social media monitoring by attributing it effectively to a number of key business objectives. Our comparative study applied the exact same testing parameters - data quality, breadth and ease of use. Not only does the guide identify which tools perform well under different conditions, but also which one will best suit specific needs based on our own day-to-day experience managing these tools.

Webliquid’s 2012 Social Media Monitoring Buyer's Guide will help marketers not yet embracing Monitoring Tools get a better understanding of the tools available and make the selection process much easier. In addition it will provide benchmarks for Marketers already harnessing Monitoring Tools in the pursuit of social strategy excellence.

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Published on: 4:07PM on 10th October 2012