Online Marketing Trend Predictions for 2013

At this point of time in the year, the web becomes rife with thousands of studies, stats and surveys detailing exactly which online marketing trends have proved the most popular and successful throughout the year. However, it is of course the marketing trends likely to score highly in the coming year that hold the most potential value for online businesses, therefore the following is a brief look at four marketing trends for 2013 already topping the lists of dozens of analysts:

Internal Social Marketing

This particular phenomenon has come along leaps and bounds during 2012, though it is expected to explode over the course of the next 12-months. Some of the world’s biggest businesses are already embracing the potential of providing internal social networking environments, prompting innovators and Cisco, Microsoft and others to further efforts into creating enterprise-class solutions. For any business that has multiple offices, a workforce that is often separated or simply an extensive number of employees, experts are advising that the planning process for the introduction of such systems is started immediately.

Hosted Content

It has started to become more of a fact than a prediction that 21st century marketing will drift ever-closer toward complete and total social media dependency as the years go by. Generally speaking, the consumers and clients of the world are highly social in their habits – so therefore must the business be. During the course of 2013, marketing experts predict that overall website traffic in terms of the company’s primary site will show a marked decrease while the content they host on sites the likes of LinkedIn and Facebook will attract more traffic than ever before. Not only will this offer considerable benefits in terms of content being shared and re-promoted by a possibly infinite number of customers, but will also see traffic continually attracted on a practically 24/7 basis. The use of sophisticated mobile technology is skyrocketing by the day and an incredible percentage of users are connected to their social media services of choice – and thus the businesses that use them – around the clock.

Decline of Email

As Facebook continues its campaign for complete and total world domination, a new generation of workers and business owners is beginning to adapt. In fact, the use of email is already in a state of decline as of 2012, while alternatives the likes of video are expected to become a common standard with the support of social channels. According to Cisco, all endpoints sold by the end of next year will be video call enabled and just two years later, video will account for no less than 85% of all online traffic. If true, this represents a significant shift in the power of online video in terms of marketing potential.

Smartphone Adoption

In addition, smartphone adoption is currently at its highest level in the history of the market and is expected to continue growing in 2013. In turn, location-based marketing is guaranteed to play a key role in the success of next year’s promotional campaigns, while virtual payment systems like Google Wallet have the potential to revolutionize various aspects of day to day commerce.

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Published on: 5:03PM on 15th October 2012