Las Vegas, Nevada, October 15, 2012 — The Direct Marketing Association’s (DMA) Acting CEO and President Linda A. Woolley today announced the launch of a ground-breaking new initiative aligned with DMA’s mission of advancing and protecting data-driven marketing. Woolley made the announcement during her opening address at the DMA2012 Conference and Exhibition at the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino in Las Vegas, NV.

Woolley announced that DMA has created the Data-Driven Marketing Institute (DDMI) to engage the entire marketing industry in a coordinated campaign to set the record straight about the countless ways that data-driven marketing benefits consumers – and fuels the data-driven economy.

“The Data-Driven Marketing Institute (DDMI) will redouble DMA’s efforts to explain the benefits of the consumer data industry to the public and policymakers, said Woolley, “with the goal of preventing needless regulation or enforcement that could severely hamper consumer marketing and stifle innovation, tamping down unfavorable media attention, and reminding and educating consumers about the many and varied ways that their needs are met and they are thrilled and delighted.”

There will be several components to the Data-Driven Marketing Institute’s (DDMI) work:


It is clear that the effort to restrict and control data collection and use practices is a bipartisan one that stretches from Capitol Hill across the fifty states. DDMI will bring data-driven marketers together to educate policymakers about the benefits our industry provides to consumers and the economy at large – and to fight restrictions on the collection and use of data that fuels the data-driven economy.

Consumer Engagement and Education

Consumers are thrilled and delighted every day by the responsible use of their personal data. However, they have been frightened by the scare tactics of legislators, regulators, and the media. DDMI will work to engage and educate consumers about the benefits they receive from the use of their data, as well as the privacy protections and preferences available to them.


Data-driven marketing alone comprises a huge chunk of the US economy. When coupled with the activities of client-side marketers, the number increases substantially. DDMI will undertake an expansive research agenda to understand and communicate the value of the data-driven marketing industry to the overall economy; the consumer value that is derived from data-driven marketing; and consumer awareness about the use of data for marketing purposes.

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Published on: 9:13PM on 17th October 2012