Deploys applications for Hallmark, Time Out, and Touchline

Enpocket, the global mobile media company, has announced the release of Enpocket Java Engine 2.0, a tool that facilitates the rapid development of customised Java applications that reside permanently on the mobile phone.

With global handset sales at 680 million in 2004, and the large majority of new phones now Java-enabled, Java applications are proving to be a popular, easy-to-use and interactive medium that give brands a permanent presence in the consumer's pocket.

Media companies, content providers and brands including Hallmark,, Time Out and Touchline Data Systems use the Java Engine to establish a presence on the mobile handset. The applications build greater affinity with consumers and enable fast access to both pre-loaded and dynamic data accessed over the mobile internet.

Examples of Java Engine applications that have been developed and deployed by Enpocket include:

Time Out:
The Java Engine is used to deliver existing information and images from Time Out's extensive collection of City Guides to a range of Java applications. A mobile user can then view information on the city of their choice through their mobile. More than 125 mobile City Guides are currently available.

Total Football:
Working with Touchline Data systems, Enpocket has built Total Football, giving football fans real-time access to the latest results, league tables and detailed player, club and country statistics. The application gives users access to information on international tournaments and 28 national leagues.

"Marketers are now building mobile services that take interaction and consumer control to the next level. SMS and MMS are great ways to inform and educate, but branded Java applications really entertain and enrich user experience," said Peter Larsen, CEO, Enpocket. "With the release of the Enpocket Java Engine 2.0 brands are no longer faced with long and expensive application development and testing cycles."

The Java Engine integrates with the Enpocket Marketing Engine, the world's most widely used mobile marketing software, to allow targeted Java content and relevant marketing to be transmitted to individual handsets. The Enpocket Java Engine 2.0 is ready for MIDP 2.0 and 1.0, providing stronger security features and allowing for updates to an application's core menu structure over the air.

The Java Engine adds to Enpocket's suite of products that enable brands to build deeper relationships with the consumer using the mobile channel. Other products include Eden (the Enpocket Dating Engine), a white label chat and dating application deployed across more than 13 countries under different brand names, and Enpocket mBlog Engine, a mobile blogging application, deployed across operators in Europe and Asia, that allows users to post pictures, video and text to both mobile and online blogs.

By combining compelling affinity applications with Enpocket's proven mobile marketing and research services, brands are making consumers aware of their mobile services and ensuring ongoing usage of applications.

About Enpocket

Enpocket is a global mobile media company that provides integrated entertainment and marketing services to build and retain mobile audiences. Enpocket's mobile community and content applications empower leading operators, brands and media companies to achieve deeper consumer relationships and generate new revenues. Enpocket's mobile marketing technology and campaign solutions enable clients to target brand messages and content, improving the effectiveness of marketing spend through the mobile medium.

Enpocket prides itself on optimizing end-user experience via an unparalleled understanding of mobile phone owners' behavior. Enpocket provides compelling entertainment and marketing services to more than 50 operators and 400 brands across Europe, Asia and the Americas.

Enpocket clients include: Vodafone, Cingular, TIM, Sprint, Verizon, Orange, Telefonica, Singtel, Nokia, Motorola, Microsoft, Sony, BBC, Fox, Time Warner, Universal Pictures, Time Out,, Snapple, Levi's, Hallmark, and Nike. Enpocket is headquartered in New York and has offices in Boston, London, Helsinki, Reykjavik and Singapore. To learn more see

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Published on: 12:00AM on 15th March 2005