The new way to shop for anything!
These days, most people know what QR codes (Quick Response code) are, and many will already have a reader app installed on their mobile device. QR codes are like bar codes used in supermarkets, have been around for a while and were first used in the automotive industry.
Their emergence onto the mobile market place has come about as a simple way for users to access a website quickly from a flyer or magazine, as well as access special offers.
However, as a shopping tool, QR codes are limited, but things are set to get better for the smartphone user with the arrival of Web 3.0 and augmented reality apps from VirtualMob. Brands are already catching on to the power of mobile commerce and they can be used from anything to carrying out your grocery shopping to buying a new home.
Thanks to augmented reality apps such as VirtualMob’s point[at]me, the smartphone device market will only continue to boom and become more exciting for consumers and businesses alike. Imagine how different a house-hunting experience will be with the ability to simply use point[at]me alongside your phone’s camera at a For Sale sign and find out a wealth of information on the property before even entering it.
We’re not just talking the price and the size of the rooms either, with the VirtualMob point[at]me app you can find lenders, estimate mortgage repayments and even book viewings and appointments with mortgage brokers. All from just pointing your device at the realtor’s board.
Shopping with augmented realty apps from VirtualMob is an enhanced experience too, for both retailers and consumers alike. Imagine being able to go about your grocery shopping whilst simply pointing your device at your choices to be able to access a wealth of information on it via the point[at]me app.
For foodstuffs, this can include nutritional information, whether there are any offers available for that particular product and whether you can find a better or lower-priced alternative. The VirtualMob augmented reality app point[at]me can also allow you to compile shopping lists, get money-off vouchers, amass loyalty points and more.
Further to this, you can cut waiting in lengthy queues at the checkout with the ‘Pay and Collect’ feature, using the app you simply press a button to send to cashier and then pay and go.
The point[at]me app works via the camera on a smartphone which recognises products in the cloud database, using the very latest technology to ensure that retailers can update products in real-time, giving consumers the power to make decisions and buy on the spot due to the wealth of information at their fingertips. There’s no need for retailers, estate agents or any other businesses, such as car showrooms, restaurants and more to install QR codes anymore, thanks to this app, VirtualMob and cloud.

Published on: 11:52PM on 8th November 2012