At fst, we are inspired by creativity. That’s why we created “fst introducing”, our initiative designed to identify, nurture and promote creativity wherever we find it.

We don’t mind what field it’s in, we don’t mind what it ultimately produces, we just want to promote creativity and share it with the world. For us it’s a fantastic way of staying inspired and if we can help our fellow creatives along the way, so much the better!

The latest creative talent to benefit from “fst introducing” is Hello Dodo, an independent printmaker based in Brighton. We invited the founding couple James and Ali to join us at the British Travel Awards this month, an event fst were sponsoring for the second time. We collaborated to create a set of limited edition prints for the evening and the guys had their own Brighton-themed stand to promote from.

“fst introducing” is exciting, fresh and inspiring and we’re looking for more creative talent to showcase! If you or someone you know is an up and coming creative star, please get in touch to discuss how you can get involved. Whatever your industry and whatever your field, we want to work with you so give us a call!

For more information call us on 01628 498 500 or visit our website

Published on: 4:57PM on 14th November 2012