App developers, advertisers and publishers benefit from solution that recognises, tracks and rewards in-app sales, leads and engagement as well as downloads

London, UK – 13 November 2012 – Tradedoubler, the international performance marketing and technology company, is the first affiliate network to introduce the performance marketing business model into the lucrative app market place. This new offering enables advertisers to focus their app marketing campaigns on a performance business model, significantly cut wastage and boost Return on Investment (ROI).

Tradedoubler’s innovative mobile affiliate programme model helps advertisers and publishers to drive the number of app downloads, increase customer engagement and generate leads and sales. The performance approach makes app programmes extremely cost-effective for advertisers, as they need only pay affiliates for performance. At the same time, publishers have the reassurance of knowing that they will be rewarded accurately for their part in driving the download or sale.

The first of Tradedoubler’s clients to use this new capability is VeryLastRoom, a new app that allows customers to book hotel rooms directly at up to 70% cheaper than online prices.

Marcel Chaudron, Product Director Affiliate Marketing, Tradedoubler, said: “Transactional apps have proved a major success with consumers. The statistics are breath-taking: there are currently 204 million app users across Europe, and this figure is expected to grow to 350 million by 2016 . Gartner has estimated that worldwide app-generated revenue will reach $74 billion by 2016.

“We want to help advertisers and publishers seize a share of this incredible business opportunity. Tradedoubler is the only affiliate marketing network with a suite of integrated online, mobile web and app solutions that provides partners with a complete view of consumers’ increasingly complex, multi-channel purchasing journeys.

“Understanding that journey is vital to any marketer’s future success – just knowing how many app downloads you’ve achieved is not enough anymore,” continued Chaudron.

Research undertaken for Tradedoubler shows that three quarters of European iPhone owners use apps every single day, and that one in three uses an app to shop for retail goods at least once a month.

Tradedoubler offers a flexible app marketing solution for advertisers: from tracking the number of app downloads generated by a publisher, through to tracking in-app sales and leads post download to the smartphone or tablet. Advertisers can set time-limited app affiliate marketing campaigns via Tradedoubler which will enable them to easily identify the best-performing affiliates and track in-app purchase behaviour, revenue-generated and engagement levels after the original download.

Affiliates are rewarded through a clear cost-per-acquisition (CPA), cost-per-lead (CPL) or cost-per-install (CPI) payment model. The new solutions can be delivered as part of a wider affiliate programme with all reporting and payment integrated into a single, results-focused dataset.

Nicolas Salin, CEO, VeryLastRoom, said: “By integrating Tradedoubler’s new SDK we can very quickly see which marketing channels are working hardest for us to generate the most in-app revenue. What’s more, we only pay for results, making it the ultimate in performance marketing for apps.”

VeryLastRoom’s service allows customers to book hotel rooms directly at up to 70% cheaper than online prices. Every day, from midday to 2.00am, it offers exclusive reductions. The later customers reserve a room, the more they save as the prices go down in real-time.

Tradedoubler’s app tracking SDK is available for both iOS and Android.


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About Tradedoubler

Tradedoubler is a leader in performance-based digital marketing and technology, helping more than 2,000 advertisers worldwide reach out to new audiences through its high quality performance marketing network of 140,000 publishers. Tradedoubler’s solution covers the full breadth of advertiser needs: from fully-hosted and managed public performance marketing programmes to private network technology solutions enabled by Tradedoubler’s platform.

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Published on: 11:44AM on 16th November 2012