In what has been the strongest – although the usage of the terms “strongest” is very much relative - period of economic growth since May 2009, consumer spending in the UK has risen by 3% month-on-month as the country slowly pulls itself out of one of the deepest double-dip recessions of recent times.

Reports suggest spending across both the leisure and business accommodation sectors has increased, possibly related to a pre-Christmas resurgence on the back of a return to normal pricing following the price increases around the Olympics that the critics claim depressed the London accommodation trade.

London provider Clarendon Serviced Apartments ( has found overseas corporations are returning from the enforced ‘break’ in executive relocations many of them took to coincide with the ‘more costly’ Olympic month, with bookings on the increase.

This increase, according to Clarendon, might be on the back of more foreign corporations discovering the huge benefits, in both cost-saving and productivity that serviced apartment accommodation offers to their respective resources and staff.

According to Peter Morgan, Head of Marketing and Market Development at Clarendon Serviced Apartments: “Increasingly businesses recognise the benefits and value serviced apartments bring to travel programs. For short stays they aren’t necessarily an alternative to an hotel but where the stay is from a week, to a month or more, there is no denying serviced apartments are the answer."

Peter continues: “There can be no doubt procurement managers are constantly seeking added-value for their executive extended-stays. For extended hotel stays, there may be some negotiation available for room rates, but optional extra rates – for example laundry, broadband and telephone services – offer little or no scope for any price manoeuvre."

“As these services are included as part of Clarendon’s standard service level, like-for-like comparisons aside, it makes it a much more attractive proposition.”

He concludes. “Corporate travel is certainly the first line of reduction where corporations are seeking to reduce their costs. However, it remains a fact of corporate life that for many multinational businesses, travel and relocation is an unavoidable necessity and for this reason alone demand for quality serviced apartments especially in a major international city such as London, is not only here to stay, but set to increase.”

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Published on: 1:53PM on 19th November 2012