Independent agency launches real time biddable display trading desk to service clients with live, broad, cost-effective, competitive and precise display campaigns.

Tug, the creative search marketing and social media agency, is launching a real time biddable display trading desk, based on AppNexus technology, to offer display advertisers a wider reach and enhanced targeting alongside improved optimisation and ROI.

Tug’s real time biddable display trading desk means that clients now have access to all major display networks. This access has hitherto been limited to top-spending advertisers who have the ‘unfair’ advantage of unrivalled buying power. Tug’s trading desk further increases reach by incorporating all major devices (computers, mobiles and tablets) into its operating system.

Tug’s trading desk technology also increases display campaign effectiveness by allowing display advertising to be costed more flexibly. Whereas the majority of display ads were previously bought upfront on a CPM (cost per thousand impressions) basis, Tug’s trading desk allows ads to be optimised to a more cost effective CPC (cost-per-click) or CPA (cost-per-attribution) basis.

The real time element of Tug’s trading desk means that campaigns can be purchased and analysed in a live way so that elements proving to work best can be optimised, whilst underperforming campaigns can be paused.

Tug’s trading desk can additionally bid, in real time, on user segmentation data to enhance the targeting accuracy of display advertising. For example, consumers expressing an interest on a site can be remarketed to on a later site with utter accuracy by using the segmentation data gleaned from their earlier browsing. This data can then be used across any network, including Facebook Exchange. The trading desk also allows Tug to buy third party user data that can be overlaid on existing campaigns and be bid on in real time.

Tug’s founder, Nick Beck, explains: “Real Time Bidding (RTB) marks an evolution in online display advertising. Recent reports show that RTB is exploding, with eMarketer predicting that RTB spend in the United States will account for nearly a third of the display ad market by 2016. This innovative approach to display advertising is a win-win for everyone involved in the process. Consumers receive more relevant and helpful ads, advertisers receive improved ROI through precision targeting and publishers improve their revenue streams.”

The technology behind Tug’s trading desk means that independent agencies are now able to offer the services of the network media agencies that have traditionally had exclusive links to large ad networks. “Now that real time display trading is becoming more accessible,” continues Beck, “the playing field is being levelled between us and larger networks. This means clients who feel obliged to use traditional media agencies for their buying power, but feel they are getting lost in a sea of other advertisers, are now able to receive a more tailored service at the same media rates from independent agencies.”

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About Tug: Tug is an award-winning, Shoreditch-based creative search marketing and social media agency. Founded in 2006, Tug is an original silicon roundabout company that breaks the mould by taking a left-brain-right-brain approach to social media, SEO, PPC, affiliates and display. The agency’s bespoke creative search marketing programme builds brand awareness, new media opportunities, lead generation, strong ROI and business growth for diverse clients like Intel, Aon, Merlin Entertainments and Dairy Crest. Tug’s ability to combine robust planning and execution with creative ideas and technology has earned the agency seats on both the IAB and DMA search marketing councils. Services include: SEO, PPC, biddable display, affiliate management, planning, targeting, integration, analytics and conversion optimisation.

Published on: 5:27PM on 26th November 2012