NEWSLETTER.IE have announced the general availability of it's new deliverability tool from Spam Assassin, the industry standard for email spam assessment. Integrated right into the app, it provides a dynamic Spamscore on your email content. The tool is synchronised with the latest rules, with guidance on which content may cause the email to end up in the Junk folder.

Spam Assassin is an anti-spam system that analyses your emails for content or formatting that could potentially flag your genuine email as being spam and used by many of the companies who host email. For every issue that it finds, it will add a score to a running total. If your total score is greater than 5, there is a chance that your email will be flagged as spam and land in the Junk folder instead.

Your content will be get a Spamscore if it has any of the following:
Starting the email with the salutation "Dear Friend"
Using a subject line that consists of CAPITAL LETTERS only.
Using JUMBO fonts.
Using red text for sentences.
High ratio of images and text
Overuse of the phrase "Click here"
No plain text version of an HTML email
White text on white background

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Published on: 3:41PM on 27th November 2012