Google today announced the creation of a unique browser-based interactive pop-up book designed to showcase the talent and innovation of the Creative Sandbox Gallery ( and built entirely in HTML5 and CSS3.

Google collaborated with adam&eveDDB and WeAreHive on a pop-up book concept that showcases all of Google’s flagship products and services, including YouTube, Mobile, Maps, Search and Social. The end result: a fully functional virtual flipbook built on a custom 3D engine; an engine crafted entirely in Javascript, HTML5 and CSS3, with no plugin libraries or 3rd party toolkits required.
The Javascript handles the complex folding functionality, and controls and populates the CSS in real-time, with the CSS matrices animating, texturing and defining positions in 3D. With the Javascript code fine-tuned to perfection and everything running on the GPU, the final experience is both fast and silky-smooth.

“Working with Google and adam&eveDDB has been a privilege”, said Tadhg McCarthy, Director at WeAreHive. “We are enormously proud of what we’ve achieved, and it’s a testament to both the vision of the client and the agility and talent of our team that we’ve been able to create something so cutting edge and beautiful using the power of HTML, CSS and Javascript.”

About WeAreHive
Founded in 2011, WeAreHive plan, design, and build beautiful, functional mobile and web applications that offer compelling user experiences and a genuine benefit. As well as working on projects with a variety of partners including Channel 4 and Design Works, WeAreHive also create their own products, including snug (, a disruptive new way for people to find and rent property directly from landlords via a native mobile app. For more information or to get in touch visit

Published on: 9:48AM on 5th December 2012