Earlier this year, Affiliate Window informed its clients of a charitable project it would be undertaking, a concept never before seen in the industry. Under the title ‘The Naked Network’, Affiliate Window produced a 2013 calendar with senior members of staff tastefully posing nude in aid of the network’s corporate charity, The Encephalitis Society.

“When the project group first approached the AW Board with the idea for a charity calendar, we really didn’t believe they would find enough willing participants to get the idea off the ground,” explains Mark Walters, Affiliate Window MD. “Asking senior performance marketers to take off their clothes in front of a camera is a huge ask, however, we have never been more pleased to be proven wrong. Affiliate Window is immensely proud of the ten brave employees who literally bared all to turn this initiative into a reality.”

The calendar concept immediately gained interest from a number of key players within the industry by offering their support through supplier deals and sponsorship packages. With the help of partners such as printed.com, Pebble Grey, UK WebMedia, MyVoucherCodes, Giff Gaff, LOVEFiLM, Optimus Performance Marketing, Freemax Media, GoldenFeeds and Quidco, the calendar went from a clever concept to an active working project –one that the network was convinced would raise substantial funds for a very deserving charity. With the financial backing secured, Affiliate Window was able to source the relevant professionals needed to ensure the end product was professional, artistic and tasteful; an experience that everyone involved could take pride in.

“Initially I was naturally a bit sceptical about being involved,” said Nicola Clare, Account Director at Affiliate Window and one of the courageous few to step in front of the camera. “But when the working group got together to discuss the fundraising potential for such a unique project, I knew I had to say yes. We had interest early on from both advertisers and publishers to support the venture which just shows that the industry is ready for it.”

Through the support of the AW Board and calendar sponsors, every penny raised will go directly towards the Encephalitis Society’s ongoing research and outreach projects to continue the much needed work in the little understood field of inflammation of the brain.

Ava Easton, CEO for the Encephalitis Society comments on what this project and fundraising potential means to her team; “We have been amazed at the bravery of the Affiliate Window staff who agreed to be photographed, it’s not every day we find fundraisers willing to bare all in the name of charity. Our thanks go to all those who have worked on the calendar and to everyone who purchases a copy.”

Follow this link to purchase The Naked Network 2013 calendar. http://www.encephalitisshop.com/index.php/featured/the-naked-network-2013-calendar-by-affiliate-window.html

For more information please contact:
Lisa Chaikin
Head of PR
Affiliate Window
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t: 020 7553 0333

Published on: 9:20AM on 6th December 2012