The What’s your Postcode?” company, Postcode Anywhere, revealed that over 3.3 million delivery addresses were captured via its online data platform on so-called Mega Monday(aka Cyber Monday), confirming that the first Monday of December is when most of us get round to buying online.

According to Experian, Mega Monday, which was on 3rd December this year, is the busiest UK ecommerce shopping day of the year with over 112 million visits and just three websites – Amazon, eBay and Argos – accounting for over 30 per cent of the total.

Guy Mucklow, CEO at Postcode Anywhere, said: “The number of addresses looked up via our service correlates pretty closely with the number of purchases made online, particularly as our “what’s your postcode?” technology is mainly used in the checkout process to confirm address details for delivery.

“The usage of our service last Monday peaked at over 3.3 million requests, making it our busiest day of the year so far. Usage was up by approximately 10 per cent on the same day last year, which was also the busiest day of 2011.

“There’s a definite pattern of online buying which takes place on the first Monday of December. Whether people are responding to being paid, are keen to get organised in the run up to Christmas or, possibly more like me, in a blind panic that they’ve not done anything about getting their other half’s present, remains to be seen,” he said.

Published on: 10:58AM on 7th December 2012