December 11, 2012, New York -- Econsultancy today announced the publication of its new best practice guide for data management by Chris O’Hara, chief revenue officer of LookSmart. The report aims to equip marketers, publishers and agencies with techniques for supercharging advertising used by leading edge global corporations.

According to the Harvard Business Review*, marketers use real data to make customer impacting decisions only 11% of the time. Many of today’s leading companies are just coming to grips with the complications, realities and possibilities of “Big Data.” The Best Practices in Data Management Guide is a comprehensive look at the opportunities presented by today’s latest tracking and management technologies, and will be essential reading for the smart online and social marketer moving forward.

Chris O’Hara, author of The Best Practices in Data Management Guide, says: "As the cost of storing and collecting data decreases, more of it becomes available to marketers looking to optimize the way they acquire new customers and activate existing ones. In the right hands, data can be the key to understanding audiences, developing the right marketing messages, optimizing campaigns, and creating long-term customers."

Stefan Tornquist, VP Research at Econsultancy (US) and one of the report’s editors, added: “Data Management Platforms (DMPs) and Audience Management Platforms (AMPs) are the rage, but getting the most out of data for audience segmentation, insights, and targeting takes more than just a relationship with a vendor. This report will set marketers on the right course for thinking about data strategically and dealing with it tactically.”

This essential guide for marketers, publishers and agencies is structured into the following areas:

-What “big data” is and how you should be thinking about it from an organizational perspective.
-Current perspectives on data management best practices from more than thirty-five leading data practitioners.
-How demand-side operators are leveraging data management technology to segment, target, expand, and analyze audiences digitally.
-How to choose the right data management vendors.
-Insights on some of the new thinking on social data and its applications for targeting and analytics.
-How publishers are utilizing data-derived audience insights to optimize advertising yield.
-Techniques for getting unique, actionable audience insights.

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About Chris O’Hara
Chris O’Hara is the chief revenue officer of LookSmart, the largest pay-per-click (PPC) search advertising network, and a recognized a domain expert on platform technology, with an emphasis on digital advertising workflow, data management, and real-time bidding. He has led successful sales efforts at TRAFFIQ,, Nielsen, and Chris has contributed to industry publications including Business Insider, eMarketing & Commerce, Econsultancy, AdMonsters, MediaPost, The Agency Post, Adotas, ClickZ, iMediaConnection, Digiday, and AdWeek.

Chris is also the author of Econsultancy's Best Practices in Digital Display Advertising, published in March 2012.

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Published on: 5:00PM on 11th December 2012