CHICAGO (January 1, 2013) – From the $5 million price tag of cow manure to the discovery of a little-known Middle Eastern ecotourism hot spot, U.S. Green Technology—a leading website that shares news regarding current developments in green technology, green living and green jobs—has announced its top 10 green articles of 2012.

U.S. Green Technology readers in 2012 had the opportunity to stay informed about popular and relevant topics in the areas of green jobs, green technology, green U.S./world news, green business and green politics. The year’s top 10 U.S. Green Technology articles ranged from topics such as new green cow manure technology and the dip in the solar industry’s progress near the end of the year to America’s most popular green technology gadgets. In addition, the website highlighted the 10 most influential green blogs in early 2012.

U.S. Green Technology is unique in that it not only provides information on the latest developments in green technology but also is an excellent job search source for today’s green job seeker. U.S. Green Technology has partnered with the largest online employment website in the United States to leverage U.S. Green Technology’s unique green jobs content with green job postings, resume tips and career advice in today’s still fledgling economy.

In addition, U.S. Green Technology, created in January 2009, offers a Green Jobs Board that features more than 10,000 unique job opportunities through other partnerships.

U.S. Green Technology was established with the goal of making readers aware of the new technology being released throughout the United States to combat climate change and preserve the earth as well as to create more jobs domestically and stimulate the economy. The site concentrates on news in the areas of green technology, new green start-ups, changes in green business and green employment.

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Published on: 5:08PM on 1st January 2013