9 January 2013, Dubai and London – Econsultancy has today announced a free webinar with Husam Jandal, author of The Facebook for Business in MENA Report. The webinar, moderated by Econsultancy’s Director of Research Linus Gregoriadis, will include an interview with Jandal before offering insights on regional trends and specifics. There will also be a brief audience Q&A.

The webinar takes place Wednesday 9th January 2013 3.00pm - 4.00pm GST (11.00am - 12.00pm GMT) and is open to the Econsultancy community as well as non-members.

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The Facebook for Businesses in MENA Report is a comprehensive guide to the specific challenges and opportunities relating to social media marketing in the Middle East. For marketers based in MENA who are looking to embark or expand upon their Facebook marketing strategy, the report offers full step-by-step instruction, while the webinar will touch broadly on the main chapters.

Of the webinar, Husam Jandal, author of The Facebook for Business in MENA Report, says:
“Business opportunities on Facebook in the MENA region expand greatly for those with a clear strategy and proven methods. I am happy to be working with Econsultancy, who have been providing consultancy and custom training in the Middle East in order to promote best practice via this webinar.”

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The guide is available to Econsultancy members (Silver membership and above), or on a pay-per-view basis.

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About Husam Jandal
With more than 12 years of experience in the digital space, Husam is a well-recognised international speaker, digital marketing consultant, Professor of e-commerce, and Certified Marketing Professional by Google and Yahoo. He is also a member of the Search Engine Marketing Professionals Organisation, the Web Analytics Association, and the Usability Professionals Association.

Husam actively helps organisations worldwide to be successful online by implementing the most effective digital marketing and social media strategies, building their online digital assets, increasing their online visibility and brand efficacy, managing their reputation online, and maximising ROI from the internet.

Published on: 9:39AM on 8th January 2013