Single source digital ad planning for web, mobile and video becomes a reality in 2013

London 17th January 2013: The UK Online Measurement Company (UKOM) that oversees the delivery of a credible industry standard for digital audience measurement is delighted to announce its plans for 2013 with comScore as its data partner. With over 200 subscribers representing nearly all of the UK’s internet real estate and media buying power, UKOM ensures that the UK industry is provided with reliable, person-centric measurement of online activity so they can plan and evaluate digital brand advertising campaigns in the same way that they do for all other media. With online and mobile advertising spend reaching £2.59bn in the first half of 2012*, accurate reporting is vital.

Although the online world provides significant volumes of behavioural data, one of the challenges for advertisers has been finding high quality data that measures people’s activities, rather than what is happening on individual computers and other devices. In addition, the rapid growth of new platforms– in particular mobile and online video – has added a new dimension to the measurement challenge as advertisers need reliable, de-duplicated audience figures to understand reach across these platforms. According to IAB UK, £181.5m was spent on mobile advertising and £69.8m on digital video advertising in the first half of 2012*.

Single source digital ad planning for web, mobile and video
Under UKOM oversight, comScore will offer subscribers a single database for planning display advertising across all these digital platforms, giving advertisers clarity on the total, unduplicated reach and frequency among their chosen target audience for web, mobile and video individually or combined. For advertisers this means they can for example, create detailed consumer typologies for improved campaign planning; evaluate the impact of cookie deletion on campaign planning, and assess the use of different media devices by person to understand where their web traffic is generated.

David Ellison, Marketing Services Manager, ISBA says "Brand advertisers need a clear idea of who they are communicating with irrespective of the medium they're using. UKOM and comScore's ability to provide validated and comparable people-centric measurement is an essential part of advertiser trust in digital media."

UKOM as guardians of data and service quality
With responsibility for the data and service quality, the UKOM Technical Group has overseen comScore’s implementation of numerous changes to its 2012 service. As well as their regular quality checking procedures, UKOM and comScore will be collaborating with some of UK’s leading media measurement experts to continuously enhance and assess the data, including Ipsos Mori, RSMB and ABC.

comScore has committed a multi-million pound sum to implement changes requested by the UKOM Technical Group. These include:-
 A larger, representative panel: comScore’s 50,000 strong online panel will be calibrated by a 2,000-strong gold standard panel built by Ipsos Mori. This will enable comScore to deliver greater accuracy from its panel while maintaining cost-effective recruitment methods
 Compatability with media planning platforms: with data available through planners’ bureau tools including Telmar, IMS and KMR
 Moving online video and TV measurement closer together: advanced “heartbeat” tag to move online video measurement capabilities closer to TV measurement
 Better understanding of smaller audiences: by employing error margin highlighting to help subscribers understand the reliability of smaller audience estimates
 Continuous quality checks: in-depth testing of the comScore data by media measurement experts RSMB, and regular performance reporting against a detailed SLA
 An ABC audit to accredit the census data from tagged pages within comScore Direct, to confirm the machine-centric data within the UKOM system
 Listening to the voice of the industry through an annual customer satisfaction survey.

Alex Tait, Director, International Digital Acquisition, at American Express and Chair of ISBA's Digital, Data & Direct Action Group says “Advertisers are able to accurately plan brand advertising campaigns for web, mobile and online video in the same way they plan traditional media, i.e. TV, radio and press. comScore, UKOM’s data partner, has developed a reputation as an innovative internet technology company that is investing heavily to ensure that UKOM is considered the industry standard for audience measurement.”

Tag up and be counted in 2013
Publishers, brands, and media companies who want to ensure that all their digital platforms and audiences are fully reflected in multi-platform measurement are strongly encouraged to tag all of their digital assets with comScore at the comScore Direct website ( With an increasing amount of media consumption shifting to smartphones and tablets, now is the time to make sure that all digital assets are accounted for.

IPA TouchPoints to add UKOM in 2013
UKOM is actively collaborating with a range of industry bodies to support their digital measurement needs. comScore data will be incorporated into IPA TouchPoints – one of the industry’s most used planning tools - from early 2013, and will be available for integration with other industry-owned surveys and planning tools. Lynne Robinson, Research Director at the IPA comments, “Evolving consumer behaviour means that planning effective campaigns across different media needs to be seamless, and so the need for cross-industry collaboration in measurement has never been greater. UKOM-approved comScore data helps TouchPoints users integrate and evaluate digital in all their media plans.”


Greenfields Communications: Lucy Green T: 07817 698366
UKOM: James Smythe, UKOM General Manager

*IAB UK and PwC advertising expenditure H1 2012

Note to editors
Following a competitive tender involving five potential partners, UKOM selected comScore as the industry-approved provider from January 2013. Since mid-2012, UKOM has overseen an industry-wide review of comScore’s proposed services to ensure that these are compliant with the industry’s current and future expectations. To meet these demands, comScore has also committed investment to an extensive development programme.

The UKOM Technical Group leads this ongoing review process, and comprises senior research representatives of eleven customer companies. These are Google, Starcom Motive, Microsoft, Yahoo!, AOL, Associated Newspapers, Guardian News & Media, BSkyB, BBC, Channel 4, and IPC. This group has reviewed comScore methodologies in detail, asking over 250 written questions and resulting in a 100-page methodology document.

About UKOM
Established in 2009, UKOM (the UK Online Measurement Company Ltd) exists to set and oversee the delivery of a credible industry standard for digital audience measurement. Despite the volume and availability of digital behavioural data, it has historically been very difficult for advertisers to reliably plan digital brand advertising campaigns using the same person-centric measures that underpins all their other advertising activity on other media. UKOM was created to provide the standards and transparency that will lead to advertiser trust in digital audience measurement.

UKOM is jointly owned by the Association for Online Publishers (AOP) and the Internet Advertising Bureau (IAB), and governed by a Board representing these bodies, and ex-officio members the IPA, representing agencies, and ISBA, representing advertisers.
About comScore
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Published on: 11:33AM on 17th January 2013