New report and accompanying e-book outlining easy steps to improving a website’s worth takes the guesswork and frustration out of the assessment, decision-making and guidance processes.

Toronto, Jan. 17, 2013, Ideal Advisor Software ( ) – The age-old questions of “What is my website really worth?” and “What steps can I take to improve my site’s value?” have resulted in many sleepless nights for website buyers and sellers, online marketers and e-commerce business owners.

Now, with the introduction of Ideal Advisor’s no-risk, money-back-guaranteed "Website Valuation Report" , those questions can be quickly and accurately answered.

The “Website Valuation Report” is a new, advanced software solution that automatically searches multiple external and reliable sources for the best comparable data to determine the most credible and realistic value of a website. The solution defines and explains the implications of the data in easy-to-understand terms.

Clients who request the “Website Valuation Report” begin by simply entering a few data fields and pushing a button. They then quickly receive a 16-page “snapshot” report of their website’s estimated value at that moment in time. The report evaluates the website’s performance in direct comparison to the “Real Marketplace” of websites and is delivered to the client’s email address as a PDF file.

A perfect complementary product to the report is the unique e-book “Improving Web Property Value”, a 42-page guide that provides simple step-by-step recommendations for improving the value and worth of any website. This is delivered to the client’s email address as a PDF file.

“In 2009, I spent months and months searching the Internet for tools that would provide credible website valuation and improvement solutions” , stated Craig Hunt, Founder and CEO of Ideal Advisor Software.

“Unfortunately, I couldn’t find a site with the complete information I was looking for— and I was frustrated by all the ‘guesswork’ and ‘trial-and-error ’ that I experienced”, said Craig.

“I certainly didn’t want to spend thousands of dollars and wait weeks and months for industry professionals to get back to me with their expert advice. I wanted to access the right information in order to make better website property decisions immediately.”

So, what did Craig do about it?

In 2010, he put together a Management Team of business and technology leaders to solve the problem.

Key business and technological activities in the global website marketplace were researched, analyzed and compiled — including detailed reviews of emerging digital economy market sectors and competitive initiatives. A series of meetings were held with potential report end-users and digital market experts in both Canada and the United States.

Using continuous market and customer-driven feedback , Big Data, Business Intelligence Analytics, and advanced Software-as-a-Service expertise, the company designed and created a unique and effective solution to the problem.

The result is patent-pending technology and operational “know-how” that provides significant competitive advantages for Ideal Advisor Software going forward in 2013 and beyond.

The products are assessed at a $200 value, but for a limited time, the customers pay $0 -- as per Ideal Advisor Software’s “Freemium“ pricing model and strategy.

About Ideal Advisor

Established in 2009, Ideal Advisor Software is an independent and premium software application development company. It is a privately owned company located in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

The Management Team represents over 135 years of marketing, operations, technology and financial business experience.

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Published on: 12:15PM on 18th January 2013