Motoring services provider RAC, has selected Maxymiser, the global expert in testing, personalization and cross channel optimization, as its multivariate testing and online optimization provider. The RAC will work with Maxymiser to optimize its customers’ online journeys to increase overall customer conversion as well as cross- and up-sell opportunities across the different areas of the business.

The RAC provides a range of motoring services to both private and business motorists, including breakdown cover, insurance, and route planner. With over seven million members across the UK, and a huge volume of web traffic, especially through the RAC Route Planner, RAC’s website needs to cater for the specific needs of these different customers.

Jason Bennett, RAC’s digital sales optimization manager, explains, “We are looking at a combination of big multivariate (MVT) tests across the entire online proposition and some quick wins on individual pages to optimize customer journeys and maximize the effectiveness of the huge volumes of traffic across different areas of the website. Maxymiser’s MaxTEST™ and MaxSEGMENT™ product will enable us to test the different customer experiences with the objective of increasing overall conversion.”

The RAC has a history of A/B and multivariate testing dating back four years, when it was part of Aviva Plc. When the organization was purchased from Aviva in 2011 by the Carlyle Group, the RAC took the opportunity to review its online brand and website, as well as the MVT provider it was using at the time.

Maxymiser was chosen as the RAC’s new optimization partner for a number of reasons, including its ease of implementation, functionality and the provider’s comprehensive professional services.

Jason Bennett explains, “Maxymiser is based on a single line of code, which means that it can be implemented by us as a marketing team quickly and easily, rather than go through IT channel. In addition, we found the functionality of the Maxymiser product suite superior in terms of both segmentation and mobile capability. Finally, it was the full service package that Maxymiser could offer that really made the difference – from identifying, developing, executing and analyzing each test.”

He adds, “We’re looking to bring in a culture of testing as part of a business-as-usual process. Any opinion that is subjective, we are looking to test in terms of real numbers, real world, real effect. We want to test multiple opinions and ideas and use the insights to come up with the optimal version of the truth.”

The RAC has so far completed an initial test on its homepage which has already seen a 9-10% uplift in conversion, and is in the middle of its third test, which it hopes will provide an equal level of return.

Jason Bennett says, “The way the account is set up and the review process Maxymiser’s professional services team undertakes means that every single test provides insight and reaps reward, even if it doesn’t generate uplift.”

He concludes, “It is vital to us that customers want to engage with us online and the only way to do that is by having a website that delivers exactly what our customers want. That can only be achieved by taking the guess-work out of the process and analytically proving what works best – and that can only be realized through ongoing testing, analyzing and learning. Maxymiser can help us accomplish this strategic objective.”

Published on: 10:59AM on 28th January 2013