Back in 1991 a number of television staples disappeared from our screens. This was the year that UK viewers saw the credits roll on popular shows such as Bergerac, Brush Strokes and Dallas for the final time. As a nation stopped asking what Willis was talking about, and marvelling at how John Nettles face was the same shape as Jersey, another regular fixture also ceased to be broadcast into the nation’s homes; adverts for smoking products.

It is twenty-two years since changes in UK Advertising law saw commercials for cigars and loose-leaf tobacco prohibited from television. With cigarettes having been banned from the box since 1965 a whole generation has since grown up without seeing an advert for a smoking product on their TV. That is until now, and the new campaign for All Response Media client E-Lites’ electronic cigarette created by McCann Birmingham.

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As the word electronic will have hinted, smoking has come a long way since the early 90s when it wasn’t uncommon to see household names like Russ Abbott or Des O’Connor lighting up on television. Unlike the cigars and cigarettes of yesteryear though E-Lites’ electronic cigarette is free from tar and tobacco and emits only vapour making it not only healthier and cheaper than traditional cigarettes, but also much more friendly when it comes to Advertising Standards Agency rules.

Also, as the electronic cigarette is free from the nasty stuff, it can be ‘smoked’ indoors, and it is this element that the E-Lites campaign has sought to cleverly highlight. Though not able to project the product by name or image McCann have instead hinted at one of its key selling points, namely that smokers of E-Lites electronic cigarettes need not be banished outside to subsequently miss out on social interaction, gossip, or the occasional once in a lifetime moment.

The commercial is already proving a hit for E-Lites, All Response Media and McCann, receiving a huge number of views on YouTube, not to mention positive feedback from global superstars with the singer PSY recently tweeting how impressed he was with the moves being busted by the ad’s star turn.

Colin Gillespie, Chief Strategy Officer for All Response Media commented “This is a unique and innovative campaign for E-Lites and we’re delighted to be involved in pioneering its exposure”.

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Published on: 11:08AM on 28th January 2013