January 28, 2013, New York -- Econsultancy today announced the publication of the fourth and final report in the series Online Communities by DJ Waldow, Founder/CEO of Waldow Social. The report discusses the many ways to take advantage of the online community you’ve worked so hard to build; specifically, using your community for feedback, support, and sales, and is the perfect complement to national Community Manager Appreciation Day.

Throughout the four part series, readers will dig more deeply into ways to engage, grow, and leverage community, learn the best ways to conduct conversations across multiple platforms, come to understand the utility of email marketing, detail how to gather feedback, offer support, and, finally, convert community members into buyers.

Previous reports in the series include:

Starting a Community -- Why do communities exist in the first place? This report looks at the various places to find them, and how to get started building an online community. This report explained how both customers and businesses could benefit from participating in online communities and what each needed to do to get started. As with all things online, technology moves quickly. While the “Big 4” – Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google+ - are still the giants in the room, new social media companies such as Instagram, Pinterest, and Path have emerged on the scene to gobble up some of the community-share.

Engaging Your Community -- Discusses exactly how to engage, connect, grow, and leverage your community and audience across multiple social media sites. We focused on how to use your community to provide customer service, as well as how to leverage it to build – or sometimes repair – reputation. Finally, we discussed how to tap into your communities for research.

Growing Your Community -- In the third report we introduced email marketing as the “digital glue” of new media and discussed how it can be used to grow and enhance your community. We dispelled the myth that email marketing is dead and even proved that it was thriving. We gave examples of how social media needs email marketing to hold it together. We explored ways in which email marketing and social media go together like Batman and Robin to help grow online communities. Finally, we provided data around the various email/social tactics that marketers are using to enhance their communities.

Started by Jeremiah Owyang as an international event in 2010, Community Manager Appreciation Day (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Community_Manager_Appreciation_Day) encourages people to send sincere Thank You notes to their online community managers. People use Twitter and use the hashtag #CMRG

Stefan Tornquist, VP Research at Econsultancy (US) and one of the report’s editors, said: “I think a number of marketers have found themselves under pressure to ‘build a community’ without having a clear idea of what they can reasonably expect to achieve. We aimed to make this series as practical as possible, so whether you're starting out or well on your way, you'll find good ideas and clear examples of what communities should look like, what they can accomplish and their limitations."

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About DJ Waldow
Prior to starting his own business, Waldow held the title of Director of Community for Blue Sky Factory, an Email Service Provider. In the capacity of Director of Community, Waldow was in charge of all social media efforts including building, growing, nurturing, and selling to the community.

Published on: 3:16PM on 28th January 2013