Webtrends, the global leader in digital marketing optimisation and relevance through real-time, unified analytics and customer intelligence, today announced that The Telegraph has expanded its relationship and implemented Webtrends Streams™ to improve customer experience, increase conversions and revenue on its website and develop engagement internally among its editorial staff to help drive traffic.

In today’s crowded media landscape, more and more publishers are realising that understanding customer preferences online and monitoring their behaviour can drive greater relevance and engagement. To stay ahead of its competitors, The Telegraph wanted to obtain deeper insight into its customers’ activities across digital properties and use this intelligence across their optimisation, segmentation and targeting efforts to create the optimum customer experience.

Webtrends Streams is a ground-breaking digital intelligence solution that, for the first time, provides enterprises with the ability to stream visitor events and understand their online business as it happens. It is designed to help solve common, high-value online business challenges, including increasing customer engagement and conversions, improving business alignment among a company’s employees, identifying site-related performance and security issues, and powering internal and external marketing action systems. Streams offers the ability to drive instantaneous action from rich real-time visitor level customer data, and is unprecedented in the market today in terms of the scale, richness and immediacy of the data.

The Telegraph has set a number of defined goals with Webtrends for the use of Streams. These include developing real-time dashboards and real-time error tracking within the various apps available to digital consumers. This insight is fed to internal support and technical teams, allowing them to react quickly and benefit from improved engagement and customer retention.

A spokesperson for The Telegraph comments: “In the fast moving world of media, being able to react swiftly to current news trends is critical. With Webtrends Streams we will be able to visualise real-time data and share it throughout our organisation to improve internal engagement among our editorial and commercial staff.”

Nick Sharp, Vice-President & General Manager EMEA, Webtrends, comments: “Building on Webtrends long-standing relationship with The Telegraph, we understand that media and publishing businesses are under increasing pressure to deliver better customer experiences and more engaging content online. The best time to convert a customer is while they are on your site. This means being able to respond to customer events and behaviours without a time delay. Webtrends Streams offers organisations the ability to understand, enrich and instantaneously use digital insights as visitors browse online, in real-time, something that was not previously possible.”

Published on: 10:04AM on 29th January 2013