The first enterprise tag management solution available to all site owners for free

DC Storm has launched Storm Tag Manager, a freemium tag management solution based on DC Storm’s established enterprise technology. Google’s entry into tag management has raised awareness of tagging issues and opportunities; however, Storm Tag Manager moves the market on by delivering greater functionality, flexible service options with complete media independence. Storm Tag Manager is a feature rich enterprise application that is fully supported and/or managed by DC Storm’s award winning support team.

Seth Richardson, CEO of DC Storm, explains: “Google’s Tag Manager works well for basic requirements, particularly if you just want to add Google Tags. However, the challenge is that tag management is as much about the service and support, as it is about the technology.”

He adds: “Storm Tag Manager 2.0 delivers on all fronts. The technology upgrade has enabled massive improvements in usability, fantastic new performance reporting, and commercials that are future-proofed for all clients’ tagging needs. The new security model enables DC Storm to work in collaboration with advertisers, agencies and tag partners, all for the benefit of the advertiser.”

The new upgraded features of Storm Tag Manager 2.0 are as follows:

Storm Tag Manager technology available for free
Storm Tag Manager’s web based user interface is free for all customers. There are no charges for customers that host the container tag themselves and modest annual fees for those that use DC Storm’s hosting. This flexible approach means that even the highest volume website can use the Storm Tag Manager for free.

Service and support options
At the outset, many customers don’t know exactly what service and support they require and inevitably their needs change as their skills develop and resources change. DC Storm has developed a range of service packages that address the needs of all organisations. Whether you want the reassurance of telephone and email support or to fully outsource your tag management, there is package that meets your needs, which can start today.

A better user experience
Storm Tag Manager comes with a newly designed user interface that makes tag development straight forward, and encourages a structured and controlled process and workflow. The flexible data layer ensures that data is used consistently and makes adding tag firing logic easy.

Tag performance reporting
Storm Tag Manager automatically monitors all tags and provides automatic alerts and performance reports. No one can guarantee the performance of a third party tag but with Storm Tag Manager 2.0 you can have full visibility of all tags on your site with the easy option to turn the offending tags off if they are causing problems.

Optimised for agents
Storm Tag Manager supports sophisticated access control and security. Storm Tag Manager 2.0 allows advertisers to assign agents to manage tags on their behalf, and also enables agencies to consolidate all their tag management from multiple clients into one location. The Test and Release feature allows new or modified tags to be tested before they go live, giving users complete control.

Storm Tag Manager 2.0 is available as a standalone product or as part of the wider Storm Platform.


About DC Storm:
DC Storm delivers Measured Success™ which arms digital businesses with performance measurement tools, analysis and reporting, powering great decisions and driving success.

Since its launch in 2004, DC Storm has gained an enviable reputation for building tailored solutions which respond to both client and industry needs. It now works with many of the most progressive digital brands who use the Storm Platform to accurately value and optimise their online marketing activities.

With offices in the UK and Germany, DC Storm currently works with over 1,000 websites worldwide. Its clients not only benefit from using its award-winning technology modules, but also receive exceptional service, support and training.

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Published on: 9:30AM on 31st January 2013