MAGIQ, ( the real-time lifecycle marketing company, today announces the launch of enhanced business-focused reporting tools as part of its LifecycleMAGIQ marketing automation solution, which helps marketers with cross-channel behavioural targeting and real-time web personalisation.

The business-focused reporting in the latest version of LifecycleMagiq provides real-time visibility of basket abandonment as well as propensity modelling, which uses the profiles of site visitors to predict their future behaviour. Through slick technology and simple user interfaces, marketers can now view conversion rates, basket values, visitor stats and sales uplifts, as well as generate reports on campaign attribution and the successes of fully segmented multivariate testing / A B testing. This means that marketers can easily garner an accurate picture of campaign and advert success.

Malcolm Duckett, CEO at MAGIQ said: “Recording individuals’ interaction with your site, building profiles of each visitor and understanding people’s interests, behaviour and lifecycle with the brand is one thing. Actually working out what to do to improve your relationship with these visitors is quite another. Knowing which customers came from which campaigns, and being able to highlight the ones that really work for your business, is how marketing teams can help justify investment in future campaigns. Being able to take action based on this information with real-time personalisation, email and sales alerts for example, are where LifecycleMAGIQ stands apart.”

The demand for managed services around these tools has led MAGIQ to establish a number of relationships with key partners such as IS Solutions, Da!Marketing in Russia, CIS, BIMA, Natural Marketing and Internet Intelligence. CACI is one such company that specialises in helping organisations communicate with their customers in a consistent and joined-up manner across multiple channels: “MAGIQ allows the traditional marketer to work in the online space at the individual customer level. Understanding how a customer interacts with your online and offline real-estate greatly improves your ability to personalise and target marketing messages. This is a significant step forward for marketing practitioners,” says Jaan Nellis, Partner, CACI.

Duckett explains: “We can now offer through our partners a complete managed service or a powerful set of tools directly to fit marketers’ needs, allowing them to reach people as individuals across the web, email and phone, increasing conversion, sales and campaign profitability.”


MAGIQ is the real-time lifecycle marketing company dedicated to helping businesses compete like the megabrands, by making it easy and affordable to increase website conversion, sales and cross-channel campaign profitability through web personalisation and lifecycle marketing.

About LifecycleMAGIQ

LifecycleMAGIQ is a real-time, cross-channel, lifecycle marketing solution for online marketers that gives businesses access to the same marketing power as used by the Megabrands; delivering powerful effective marketing tools aimed at enhancing sales, conversion rates and customer engagement quickly and simply. By engaging with all web-visitors, and by using highly accurate cross-channel behavioural targeting and real-time web personalisation, marketers can now benefit from a complete lifecycle marketing solution. The core value of LifecycleMAGIQ is helping marketers to optimise their marketing spend and activity. By equipping marketing teams with a unique system that builds and exploits individual customer data across multiple channels, organisations will be able to maximise the return on marketing budgets and optimise their marketing performance.

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Published on: 9:09AM on 5th February 2013