Lovehoney, the UK’s leading online supplier of adult toys and lingerie, has selected Maxymiser, the global expert in testing, personalization and cross channel optimization to help increase overall conversion levels and customer engagement throughout their website.

Lovehoney will use multivariate testing (MVT) to help increase engagement levels and conversion rates across the website. Critical to Lovehoney’s growth and success as an online-only retailer, is that their customers are able to make their way through the website and the checkout in a non-confrontational and open and friendly environment, with MaxTEST™ they will be able to achieve this.

Matthew Curry, Head of Ecommerce, Lovehoney, comments, “We want to give the best possible experience to our customers and to make sure all our customers are able to direct their way through our website in an open and enjoyable way, minimizing any fear they may have about purchasing adult products online”. Maxymiser will allow us to better understand the dynamics of our customer base, by seeing how our customer segments react to different test experiences.”

Lovehoney sees its customers fall into two categories, the ‘tepid explorers’ who are usually new to the site and its products and may often feel anxious when searching the site. They also have the ‘free enlightened’ who are comfortable browsers and shoppers within the adult category and have more than likely been to the site various times. Lovehoney hopes to increase the engagement of the ‘tepid explorers’ by making the purchasing experience as friendly and informative as possible, in order to turn those consumers into ‘free enlightened’ customers.

Matthew continues, “Prior to Maxymiser we had undertaken a considerable amount of testing with a Visual Website Optimizer (VWO) and although this provided us with a stepping stone into testing it also came with its limitations. When using a VWO there is no shoulder to cry on, you can’t just pick up the phone and ask for assistance in creating complex tests. This was something that we wanted and needed in order to progress our testing strategy further. Maxymiser has excelled in providing us with this full-service approach and they are always around to help.”

Lovehoney has been working with Maxymiser since November 2012 and has their first test ready to go live on the checkout page with five more in the planning stages that will cover the basket page, category page and product page. It was Maxymiser’s comprehensive and continuous process to testing, reviewing and learning that impressed Lovehoney. In addition, Maxymiser’s ability to respond quickly is crucial as the retailer approaches a key event in its annual calendar: Valentine’s Day.

Matthew Curry concludes, “We have been so impressed with Maxymiser that we are looking into deploying on our sister company Coco De Mer’s website. We have been able to learn an awful lot about process-driven testing since working with Maxymiser and I am extremely impressed with their speed and service. I love that even if the outcome isn’t what we would like on any particular test, we are still able to learn from the test and gain some insight, something that is rarely possible with a self-service solution. This strategic approach to testing and optimisation will prove a key component of ensuring our continued online business success.”

Published on: 10:23AM on 7th February 2013