Dynamic web media tool improves SEO, speeds go-to-market time and reduces media production cost by 90%

Amplience, the on-demand, rich-media sales and marketing platform, launches Dynamic Media, a unified web media solution designed to dramatically reduce digital media production costs by up to 90%.

Designed for digital professionals in marketing and ecommerce, Amplience’s new solution dynamically renders images and videos into any channel and device, in any desired format, on-demand and from a single master asset.

Dynamic media also helps to create a more engaging user experience in ecommerce and marketing campaigns. Due to ease of production and publishing marketers are able to use high quality visual content and interactive features such as touch optimised zoom and 360-spin viewers.

“Compelling campaign and product media are key for turning online browsers into buyers. But thanks to the proliferation of channels that marketers use to disseminate their message, creating and distributing high quality and engaging media can be ahighly manual and protracted process. Dynamic Media significantly reduces the hours spent on media production - and crucially, shortens time-to-market for marketing and merchandising campaigns,” commented James Brooke, CEO at Amplience. “Previously campaign and product media delivery would be hugely time consuming, involving re-sizing images for a vast number of pages across various channels. This solution populates the image area with images and videos dynamically created according to the page real estate and the device being used.”

With the addition of dynamic imaging and video to the Amplience platform, brands and retailers can now benefit from a powerful, unified media solution. Sales and marketing teams can use Amplience to rapidly create and deploy fully integrated campaigns from engaging off-site interactive banners, carousels and campaign media, right the way through to product zoom and 360-spin. Campaigns can be deployed much more quickly in response to business needs or external events, improving their relevance and efficacy.

Previously, retailers required a complex set of disparate solutions to create, publish and disseminate campaigns to different channels, browsers, devices and applications. By providing a one-stop solution, Amplience sweeps away this complexity helping users to create impactful merchandising experiences, drive engagement and increase conversions.

“With the huge variety of devices and channels available retailers are facing an ever intensifying battle to deliver their products to the consumer,” commented Brooke. “Dynamic Media is a key weapon in the retailer or marketers arsenal, to ensure engaging imagery can be delivered no matter what device or format they are accessed by.”

Dynamic Media delivers on-demand image or video variants from one high-resolution master asset, to home, list or product pages and mobile and tablet optimised sites. Highly configurable, multi-media viewers with zoom and 360-spin provide an immersive product experience and aid conversion.

Amplience Dynamic Media can also help to improve SEO rankings by speeding up page load times and generating descriptive URLs, connecting customer searches to specific products.

“With this addition to the platform, we now deliver a complete customer experience journey for retailers and marketers.Dynamic Media offers the final piece of the puzzle with rich and engaging product imagery served out for all uses and all channels,” Brooke concluded.

More information to download the data sheet please visit: http://amplience.com/solutions/ - dynamic-media

Published on: 2:55PM on 18th February 2013