Hukemöller, one of the largest lingerie brands in Northern Europe, has selected Maxymiser, the global expert in testing, personalisation and cross channel optimization, to help increase the percentage of online and mobile sales as part of the brand’s international growth strategy.

Hunkemöller will deploy Maxymiser’s multivariate testing (MVT) and optimisation technology to help increase customer engagement levels and online conversation rates across its four websites targeting the Dutch, German, Belgian and wider European markets, including the UK. Key to the success of Hunkemöller’s online strategy is that its websites are structured around the different needs and behaviors of local customers; with MaxTEST™ and MaxSEGMENT™ they will be able to achieve this.

Emma Bonar, Head of eCommerce, Hunkemöller, explains, “The online channel is key to our overall growth strategy for the next few years but it is easy to get it wrong. With e-commerce margins being so tight, it is critical that any website investment is successful. With Maxymiser, we can make sure our online strategy is appropriate for each market.”

Headquartered in the Netherlands, Hunkemöller has a 120 year history in lingerie retailing. With over 550 stores in its key markets in the Benelux and Germany as well as a UK concession in House of Fraser, Hunkemoller is due to launch a new online platform that will enable the retailer to expand its international reach to over 17 countries across Europe. Hunkemöller has chosen to work with Maxymiser to maximize the potential revenue of this new platform, specifically by adopting a testing strategy to ensure that the different websites are addressing the unique needs of local customers.

Emma Bonar continues, “At the moment, we treat all of our web customers as the same ‘online buyer’. The only real data we have is what people buy in different countries, but it doesn’t tell us anything about how they might be using the website differently. Maxymiser provides a great opportunity to help us achieve that new level of insight, which in turn will enable us to optimize the customer journey, and improve conversions.”

She adds, “We have made a certain number of assumptions in redesigning the websites; Maxymiser will help us make sure that we are right, and, where improvements can be made, to help us find the experience that does work. As our testing and optimization strategy matures, we will take these base learning’s to further develop our mobile strategy as well as personalize our customers’ experiences.”

Maxymiser was chosen as Hunkemöller’s optimization partner for a number of reasons including its ease of implementation, the functionality within the product suite and the full service nature of the Maxymiser offering. Bonar comments, “Maxymiser has a very strong track record in multi-country, multi-lingual testing, mobile and personalization, delivered by an international team of very experienced, knowledgeable people with great retail sector expertise. Although they take into account our brand strategy, it is all about the user, so we will be able to shift the focus away from what we want to do with the different digital channels, to how our customers want to use them.”

She continues, “Maxymiser can also set up all of the tests for us, so combined with the consultancy they provide, it makes for a full service solution, which for many busy e-commerce teams is a great thing.”

Bonar concludes, “The other huge benefit that Maxymiser has is the fact that they can immediately run the winning variable of the tests. This means that you don’t find out that you’ve done something wrong and spend six weeks trying to solve it; you can run the winning variant straight away and develop and implement the solution behind the scenes.”

Published on: 11:31AM on 20th February 2013