TagMan’s new LEAP tag management and marketing data platform unlocks big marketing data that drive big business results for the world’s leading companies.

London, UK (26 February 2013): TagMan, the most used, most advanced and most proven tag management and Marketing Data Platform (MDP), today announces the launch of its LEAP platform. This new solution – available today - gives marketers the tools to unlock and visualise their customer data and drive quantifiable business results through the efficiencies of tag management on any device and by effortlessly activating and sharing data for campaign optimisation, personalisation, and site experience.

With the LEAP Platform, marketers can now track their customers’ entire marketing experience on any device across all channels and easily activate and share data for campaign optimisation, personalisation and site experience. With this new functionality, companies can truly analyse the success of campaigns beyond the last clicked ad before a sale to ensure they’re making the biggest and most optimized marketing decisions to drive revenues.

Vodafone Drives the Evolution of Tag Management and Big Data Marketing

Vodafone has been working closely with TagMan to develop its big marketing strategy and employs the capabilities made available by LEAP to drive efficiencies and incremental revenue growth.
Gareth Davies, Head of Channel Demand at Vodafone, says: “Making access to marketing data so efficient and operational was the next logical evolution for TagMan. Since we began working with TagMan’s Marketing Data Platform, we have been able to analyze the efficiency of all the channels within our digital marketing mix and re-allocate investment to those areas previously undervalued by traditional last-click models. The power of data-driven marketing means that we actively reallocate budgets to drive better results through the channels that work best on an on-going basis.”
New Visualisation Innovation Enables Greater Insights and Decision-Making

In addition to LEAP’s ‘drag and tag’ vendor tag implementations, LEAP’s Visual Insights Suite enables marketers to visualise and analyse the full customer journey through powerful business intelligence charts and sync their marketing experience data from LEAP into various action systems including CRMs, bid-management and order fulfilment systems. Using the latest in mobile tag management technology, LEAP Mobile also allows marketers the freedom to launch, test, or phase out third-party app services at any time for flexible mobile analytics.

Jim Sterne, Founder, eMetrics Summit & Digital Analytics Association, says: “Complete consumer insights require getting all siloed data in one place – the extract, transform, load problem. Tag Management Systems like TagMan’s sit right in the middle between the actions and the databases and can grab all that marketing experience data as it goes by. TagMan gives marketers control to access, analyze and share this behavioural and attitudinal data to make better marketing decisions that drive revenues.”

Ron Brien, TagMan’s SVP of Global Marketing, says: “LEAP is already elevating how marketers more efficiently access and activate vast amounts of marketing data to make the most intelligent marketing decisions that they can. The potential business benefits for brands when they’re able to isolate a big marketing data layer with LEAP are on a game-changing scale.

“We’re proud to be working with global brands, such as our partners at Vodafone, whose marketing campaigns are becoming personal and relevant by using data in real-time through our marketing data platform. Our vision for the future is to continue to empower all marketers to market with confidence by embracing data and displaying the impressive revenue potential of big marketing.”


About TagMan:
TagMan is the most used, most advanced and most proven Tag Management and Marketing Data Platform. As the Global Leader in Enterprise Tag Management, companies use TagMan to master the complexities of web analytics, ecommerce and marketing data, and ePrivacy. With TagMan, clients can efficiently manage and unify tag based technologies to produce one independent stream of clean marketing data from all channels. Marketers use powerful business intelligence charts to visualize and analyze the full customer journey and sync their Marketing Experience Data into various systems including CRMs, bid-management and order fulfilment systems. More than 250 enterprise websites across all major industries including Travel, Leisure& Hospitality, Fashion Apparel, CPG, Consumer Electronics, Financial Services, Pharmaceutical, and Telecom make TagMan the go-to partner for achieving dramatic marketing ROI through effective marketing execution and a clear view of the entire consumer journey. Clients include Travelocity, Virgin Atlantic, Debenhams, The Body Shop, Vodafone and John Lewis. Find out more at www.tagman.com.

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Published on: 10:45AM on 26th February 2013