March 6, 2013, New York and London – When 1.300 U.S. marketing executives were surveyed early in 2013, digital experts Econsultancy ( and Kontagent ( found that companies are rushing to go live with mobile. However, too many companies have forged ahead with launching products and services for mobile, neglecting to first put in place key pieces of mobile strategy and technology.

The issues and problems that arise when businesses fail to define strategy and set objectives for mobile are explored in a report out today from Econsultancy. The 2013 Mobile Sophistication and Strategy Report also examines the capabilities, trends and priorities of mainstream and ‘mobile-first’ businesses (whose primary business focus is on the mobile platform).

Stefan Tornquist, Vice President of Research, Econsultancy U.S. said: “Most of the companies we talked to have responded to the growth in mobile with ad hoc development in a rush to get onto the platform. They have pushed ahead in resources, without taking the time to think through a complete mobile strategy. This will inevitably set them back.”

The study also found, unsurprisingly, that mobile-first businesses are typically more advanced than their mainstream counterparts. While only 25% of mainstream organizations surveyed report having a well defined mobile strategy, almost two-thirds (64%) of mobile-first organisations reported the same. The latter were able to identify, ‘acquiring more customers’ and ‘building new customers’ as their top goals for mobile. In contrast mainstream organizations more often reported fuzzier goals of ‘brand engagement/loyalty’ and ‘needing to stay competitive’ as key reasons to go mobile.

The report, which surveyed marketers across a wide spectrum of industries, also found that:

-Agencies find their brand clients falling behind with their mobile programs and were especially critical of clients’ lack of measurement and analytics

-A majority (56%) of marketers rated their own mobile sites average or below average

-Organizations are not adapting their mobile apps to the needs of their customers and prospects, with only 32% of mainstream businesses surveyed making changes more often than quarterly

-Mobile readiness and data savviness correlate with success in mobile

-Mobile sophistication is more prevalent in Games and Retail industries, while Financial Services and Travel sectors lag

“Many companies fall into the trap that they believe they need a consistent mobile presence, but fall short not taking the proper steps to ensure the experience is effective,” said Jeff Tseng, CEO and co-founder of Kontagent.

“This is similar to when businesses first established their Web presence. However, mobile adoption is outpacing any historical adoption trend. Businesses that will succeed on this next wave need to understand how to not only build outstanding experiences on mobile platforms, but also leverage user data rigorously in order to best measure and improve their mobile offerings.”

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Published on: 3:00PM on 6th March 2013