Following on from the success of their groundbreaking television campaign which hit screens in January the UK electronic cigarette manufacturer E-Lites have launched a new longer form version of the commercial which asks smokers of traditional cigarettes ‘What are you missing?’

The original advertisement, which stars Waterloo Road actor Mark Benton, and a baby aided by a touch of CGI magic busting out some impressive Gangnam style dance moves, broke new ground as the first advertisement for a ‘smoking’ product to be shown on UK television since the Advertising Standards Agency banned commercials for cigars and loose-leaf tobacco in 1991. The commercial, created by McCann Birmingham and promoted by All Response Media, proved a huge success for the Bromsgrove based firm, with its impact extending well beyond its television spots to go viral on the web.

In just six weeks over 1.5 million people had viewed the original commercial on YouTube and other social media platforms, and it even earned praise from the man behind the Gangnam style craze PSY, with the artist tweeting his approval of the advert to his millions of Twitter followers. Looking to build on that success the company have chosen Wednesday 13th March, National No Smoking Day, to launch a longer form version of the advertisement, giving their star-turn an opportunity to bust out his entire repertoire from the robot to the running man.

View the latest version of the ad here:

It is not just this innovative advertising campaign which is helping E-Lites to increase awareness of their product and establish themself as familiar brand name. On Tuesday 12th March the E-Lites electronic cigarette also featured within a No Smoking Day segment on ITV show This Morning, with resident GP, Dr. Chris Steele enthusing on the benefits of the product. “E-cigs are brilliant,” said Steele as he described how they enable smokers to enjoy the same smoking rituals as traditional cigarettes without the harm of tobacco and tar.

The new longer-form television advert will be on air across both digital and terrestrial channels, with some high-profile spots on Channel 5 bringing the company their first national terrestrial exposure as they continue to break down advertising boundaries in their field.

Colin Gillespie, Chief Strategy Officer for All Response Media commented “We’ve been delighted by the impact and response brought by the innovative campaign delivered by E-Lites thus far and we are pleased to be involved once again as they continue to push further boundaries with the campaign”.

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Published on: 3:33PM on 13th March 2013