Webtrends, the global leader in digital intelligence, today announced that Gogo, a global leader of in-flight connectivity and a pioneer in wireless in-flight digital entertainment solutions, is leveraging Webtrends Streams to gain deep insight in real time into how customers are interacting with Gogo service during flights.

Webtrends Streams™ is a ground-breaking new digital intelligence solution that captures rich visitor-level data in real time, across all digital properties. Organisations can stream visitor events as they happen, empowering marketers to instantaneously leverage this digital intelligence across their optimisation, segmentation and targeting efforts to improve engagement with customers while they visit and take immediate relevant action to deliver better e-business outcomes.

Gogo’s services are available on more than 1,800 aircrafts, and each flight presents an opportunity for the company to engage with and convert passengers to customers. Webtrends Streams provides immediate insight into how customers are using the service. Additionally, the ability to test and experiment with new products on individual flights will assist Gogo in evaluating new products and services and provide valuable insights that will help Gogo continually improve.

"We are excited to use Webtrends Streams to better understand how our customers use our products and services," said Ash ElDifrawi, Chief Commercial Officer at Gogo. "We pride ourselves on providing exceptional service and see this as a way to continually improve the in-flight experience."

"Webtrends Streams is the most transformative solution released in our industry in the last decade because it brings the digital customer to life. It allows companies like Gogo to observe their customers in the moment and act on information without any delay," said Alex Yoder, CEO, Webtrends. "Enterprises of all sizes can benefit from an increase in the speed, relevance and effectiveness of their online marketing. We’re proud to partner with Gogo and companies like it to redefine the future of consumer engagement and the digital experience."

Published on: 10:06AM on 14th March 2013