Leading Digital Transformation: Recommendations for Charity Chief Executives, a new report by digital media agency Cogapp, highlights the role of charity leaders in driving their organisation's digital transformation.

The report is based on a programme of research intended to uncover how charities are responding to the strategic challenge posed by digital transformation. It examines the key challenges and barriers that stand in the way of efforts to exploit the transformative potential of digital and social media for service delivery, campaigning and fundraising.

Initially, the central challenge facing charities appeared to be digital literacy, particularly at a leadership level, and the research confirms that this is an issue. However, a more important message for charity leaders has emerged about their role in driving change within their organisations.

Six recommendations for charity leaders emerged from the research:
1. Own and drive your organisation’s digital ambition
2. Maintain a strong chain of command to your Head of Digital
3. Keep the position of digital in your organisation under review
4. Operationalise digital
5. Invest in digital as infrastructure not marketing
6. Make your senior team more digitally literate

Chris Askew, CEO, Breakthrough Breast Cancer and author of the report’s foreword said: “Charity CEOs have a responsibility, I believe, to champion digital strategy and empower their teams to operationalise it throughout the organisation. They need to create and environment that enables the right things to happen.”

Leading Digital Transformation is a synthesis of findings from research carried out over a period of six months supported by a series of Charity Heads of Digital events that Cogapp has developed in partnership with CharityComms, the professional membership body for charity communicators.

The research included a survey of senior digital executives from the top 100 UK charities by income, in-depth interviews with charity CEOs and desk research - combined with the agency’s own considerable experience working in and with the sector.

Alex Morrison, Cogapp's Managing Director said: "The role of leadership in digital transformation is something we have wanted to understand better for a long time. We've always known how important chief executive involvement has been in the success of the projects we've worked on. But until now we've not understood exactly what we should be looking for from leadership. Now, thanks to the contributors to our research, it feels as if we have really made some progress. Early feedback from reviewers has been very encouraging. We hope that the report will give charity leaders inspiration and maybe spark some further debate. At a time when things are changing so much this feels like an important subject."

The report was led by Katie Smith, Head of Third Sector and co-authored by Alex Morrison, Managing Director and Fay MacDonald, Business Development Manager.

The Leading Digital Transformation: Recommendations for Charity Chief Executives report is available here: www.cogapp.com/leadingdigitaltransformation

Guardian article by Katie Smith

CharityComms website


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Published on: 2:35PM on 15th March 2013