London 20 March 2013. Real-time lifecycle marketing company Magiq has appointed award-winning former Gartner employee Sarah O’Keefe as its new VP Sales. Having also previously held positions at Onyx Software and Qliktech, O’Keefe will lead Magiq’s aggressive growth strategy as it brings its cutting edge real-time web personalisation and cross-channel behavioural targeting technologies to online businesses across the UK and Europe.

Reporting directly to Magiq CEO Malcolm Duckett, O’Keefe will use her 20 years of experience working with data focused business intelligence products to support Magiq’s marketing automation solution LifecycleMAGIQ. The product provides real-time visibility of basket abandonment as well as propensity modelling, which uses the profiles of site visitors to predict future behaviour.

As a successful and ambitious advocate for women in business and an award winner for top sales person in Europe during her time at Gartner, O’Keefe is seeking to expand Magiq’s international partner network across the continent. She plans to identify new partnership opportunities and build on Magiq’s already established relationships with key partners such as IS Solutions, Da!Marketing in Russia and the CIS, BIMA, Natural Marketing and Internet Intelligence.

O’Keefe said, “Magiq’s offering is peerless in this sector, matching cutting-edge technology with intuitive, slick and easy to use design. The product helps businesses to not only understand the relationships they have with their customers, but also how they can improve those relationships. Key for Magiq’s growth priorities is developing an effective, healthy and well-enabled partner network within the UK and across Europe, converting Magiq’s existing relationships into signed contracts with great brands and customers. This is where my experience at world leading business intelligence brands will come in, as I hope to extend Magiq’s considerable footprint in the digital media sector and widen its foothold within the online retail industry.”

Malcolm Duckett, CEO of Magiq, said, “Sarah is a data and business intelligence industry authority who understands the importance of turning data into actionable insight. Her experience at world leading brands like Gartner makes her the ideal candidate to build on Magiq’s existing processes and successes, lead the company’s aggressive expansions plans and fulfil its ambitions. Magiq is harnessing Sarah’s considerable experience to bring its industry leading real-time personalisation and cross-channel behavioural targeting technology LifecycleMAGIQ to the wider market.”



MAGIQ is the real-time lifecycle marketing company dedicated to helping businesses compete like the megabrands, by making it easy and affordable to increase website conversion, sales and cross-channel campaign profitability through web personalisation and lifecycle marketing.

About LifecycleMAGIQ

LifecycleMAGIQ is a real-time, cross-channel, lifecycle marketing solution for online marketers that gives businesses access to the same marketing power as used by the Megabrands; delivering powerful effective marketing tools aimed at enhancing sales, conversion rates and customer engagement quickly and simply. By engaging with all web-visitors, and by using highly accurate cross-channel behavioural targeting and real-time web personalisation, marketers can now benefit from a complete lifecycle marketing solution. The core value of LifecycleMAGIQ is helping marketers to optimise their marketing spend and activity. By equipping marketing teams with a unique system that builds and exploits individual customer data across multiple channels, organisations will be able to maximise the return on marketing budgets and optimise their marketing performance.

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Published on: 11:00AM on 25th March 2013