As customer interactions become increasingly omni-channel, consumers expect a seamless and relevant experience. With products becoming commoditised, price differentiation no longer sustainable, and customers demanding more, companies need to focus on delivering superior customer experiences.

Therefore, being able to optimise the customer experience is fast becoming a key competency for digital marketers. However, traditional design and planning approaches are invariably reactive, sequential and slow.

Online testing and targeting offers a way for marketers to intelligently select and present the most effective content, promotions and experiences to customers and prospects.

"Many businesses operate on gut feel, but testing offers a way to cut through the noise, ambiguity and static assumptions. You can greatly improve the customer's end experience, in an efficient, fast and measurable way. If used correctly, far from being a slower way to evolve and improve, it can actually speed up the evolution of web, social and digital services." Mark Wilding, Director, Cognesia.

The technology behind online testing and targeting is developing fast... with support for multichannel testing, visitor profiling, advanced testing scenarios and automation features. However, finding the right balance of functionality and usability is critical for success.

"We find that marketer's are generally keen to improve the customer's experience, but find that their testing and targeting technology is not in place or is difficient. Also, while the design and web skills are usually present, the know-how and experience to successfully run tests is often not. This is where we can help." Mark adds.

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Cognesia Ltd

Cognesia are specialists in improving digital marketing, content and ecommerce performance. We do this by understanding where a customer's experience can be improved... then applying the wonders of behavioural targeting, online testing and personalisation. Our expertise includes:

~ Customer Experience: Ensuring your customers get the best experience.
~ Testing & Targeting: Taking A/Bn and MultiVariate testing to a new level.
~ Performance: Improving marketing, content, design and ecommerce conversion.

We have over twelve years of experience and know-how working with hundreds of businesses and our technology has been installed on over 3,000 web, mobile and social sites.

If you would like to know more about our services, please contact us directly on 0845 680 1900 or email us at

Published on: 2:15PM on 10th April 2013