Webtrends, the global leader in digital intelligence, announced today that Webtrends Streams was honoured by the Digital Analytics Association (DAA) as “New Technology of the Year” at the 2013 DAA Awards for Excellence Gala, edging out four other finalists such as Google and Tealium in the category.

Honouring Webtrends Streams, the DAA called it, “…the most disruptive technological innovation made available to the Digital Analytics Industry in over a decade. It is the only solution that optimizes the trifecta of customer centric information at the right time that is truly actionable."

"The DAA Awards for Excellence are a distinguished honour bestowed upon individuals or organisations in our field because they are an acknowledgement by the digital analytics community of true leadership," said John Lovett, DAA President and Senior Partner at Web Analytics Demystified. "The DAA congratulates Webtrends (one of our founding members), for their long-time commitment to the industry and their capacity to innovate with Webtrends Streams."

DAA members vote on the finalists for each category and then a pool of distinguished judges comprised of DAA leaders and selected industry and media influencers determine the final set of winners. The “New Technology of the Year” category recognises game-changing technology that was built within the last 18 months and has disrupted the digital analytics industry through its impact on customers and competitors.

“The development of cutting-edge technology is core to Webtrends; and with the introduction of Webtrends Streams, we are proud to have set the benchmark for delivering in-the-moment digital intelligence,” said Webtrends’ EVP of Product, Bruce Kenny. “Having Webtrends Streams recognized by industry leaders as the top new technology to be introduced to the market over the last eighteen months is a testament to the Webtrends culture of constant innovation to deliver revolutionary solutions.”

“Having the newest, most innovative technology alone won't deliver value,” said Alex Yoder, CEO of Webtrends “We're honoured to be recognised by our peers for pushing the envelope and continuing to reinvent ourselves and the industry, but true validation comes from the many customers who are embracing this transformative solution. We see this award as a validation of our efforts to drive innovation within the digital marketing industry.”

Webtrends Streams is revolutionising digital marketing, for the first time giving marketers the ability to use rich customer-level data as it happens. Eliminating the delays which have traditionally required users to rely merely on archived information, Webtrends Streams has completely refreshed the decision making process.

Using dynamic visuals, Webtrends Streams provides users with the key information needed to make business choices by seamlessly blending historical data with enriched, in-the-moment customer behaviour data. Marketers are now empowered to use this data to optimize campaigns and content at the critical moment while customers are still interacting with their digital properties.

Published on: 10:30AM on 23rd April 2013