Site created as interactive street with real-time day and night function: drawing consumers deep into Violent Veg world

This week, Skive Creative launches an entertaining new website for Violent Veg, a new range of darkly humorous greeting cards and posters. Violent Veg is a series of 3D diorama “cartoons” featuring real vegetables and fruit in both bizarre and every-day situations. Initially, the site was designed to establish a brand image for the cards, which will be sold by Clinton Cards retailer. As the brand grows, e-commerce functionalities and new content will be added.

Skive designed with a panoramic, photo-realistic style that takes the form of a scrolling, interactive street. Skive uses amusing, interactive content to engage consumers with this alternative, un-PC and truly surreal world of Violent Veg. The real time night and day function means those who visit the site after 8pm see the street in darkness. Consumers can access the site’s content by clicking on the various houses and shops along the street. For example, the street’s Gallery shows images of various Violent Veg cards and posters that hang in picture frames along the gallery walls.

Guy Barnard, Director of Brandmaster, the I.P. owner, comments, “Our new site is a crucial platform for establishing a strong brand image. We wanted the site to offer consumers a peek into the world of Violent Veg; allowing them to become familiar with the strange and surreal lives of these fruit and vegetables. Skive has created a fantastic site, which embodies the fresh and humorous spirit of Violent Veg, and allows consumers to closely interact with the brand.”

Content on the site includes a gallery of existing dioramas, a press, credits and testimonial area, ‘case files’ on the inhabitants of Violent Veg, downloadable .pdfs regarding licensing, and a game, screensaver and desktop wallpaper.

Sean Singleton, Managing Director, at Skive Creative, comments, “We created the site around the concept of an interactive vegetable community that showcases the various characters in their ‘natural’ habitat. We wanted the site to be more than just bundles of information. We added interactive content and the real time function to reach out to consumers and draw them deeper into the Violent Veg world.”

The site has also been developed to be ‘expandable’, so that as the brand grows, new content can be integrated and new buildings can be added with ease. Additional content will be added to the site in the summer. This includes an e-commerce site, e-greetings and mobile greetings.

The new site is being promoted through an email marketing campaign that will be sent to Brandmaster’s and Skive’s databases.


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Published on: 12:00AM on 26th May 2005