7th of May 2013, London - Surely you must know that getting in touch with celebrities, be it your favorite singer, actor, performer or business person and getting your message or question across is close to impossible and normally you won’t even get a reaction. Askem.co is the 1st platform that guarantees communication with the stars and it auctions celebrities’ attention while helping charities and NGOs across the world in the process.

So how does Ask’em work? When you sign up you are presented with the celebrities that are already using Ask’em. You can choose to either send them a private message or ask them a private question (for which you expect an answer) or perhaps a public question that the general public would like to have the answer to. You do this by paying a small fee that will be charged whenever the message is successfully read by the celebrity or the question is answered. More so, if you choose to ask a public question you can invite your friends to join the effort and thus increasing the chances of the question being answered sooner. But here’s the most interesting part: these fees go to charities. The charity itself is chosen by the celebrity answering the question and that is a key part of the motivational mechanism behind Ask’em.

The more answers given by a celebrity, the more funds for charities are raised. Ask’em only retains a small fee to cover its operating costs. We like to call it a win-win-win situation.

Ask’em is currently in private beta and was first showcased at TechCrunch Disrupt 2013 in New York City, where it was positively received by both startup enthusiasts and media alike.

Ask’em and its website www.askem.co are owned and operated by 42Bats, Ltd, a UK based company. Ask’em was proudly designed and developed in Transylvania, seasoned by global know-how spreading from Cluj-Napoca to London.

Ask’em – Your gateway to the Stars!

Media Contact: Lorand R. Minyo;
Email: lorand@askem.co;
Direct Phone: +40 722 609 579

Published on: 9:00AM on 7th May 2013