We’ve all seen the advertisements, telling us that we could be entitled to compensation if we have suffered a personal injury, but beyond these vague offers, just how much compensation could we realistically receive? And what for?

To help manage the expectations of claimants and ensure people are better informed before attempting to make any claims for personal injuries Claims Direct have launched a new interactive infographic on their website.

The graphic highlights the amount of money would-be claimants could be entitled to for their personal injury claim within the industry standard guidelines for awarding compensation. All visitors to the site need to do is click on a diagram of the body and they will be shown the range of financial compensation potentially available for a personal injury to that body part.

As well as giving claimants a visible and easily understood guide to personal injury compensation, the graphic also helps to keep expectations in check. Companies have found that when personal injury pay-outs make the news it is often only when the amounts have been unusually high, giving those looking to claim a false idea of just how much they are entitled to.

The new infographic, which was produced with All Response Media, went live on the Claims Direct website this week, has been adapted and produced with the recent changes to UK laws regarding ‘no win no fee’ compensation claims. These law changes were introduced to try and curb the ‘claims culture’ which had arisen in the UK, spawning numerous ‘specialising’ in PPI. Despite the negative press for those business it is important to remember that companies such as Claims Direct do offer a valuable service for people who have suffered a loss of earnings as a result of personal injury.

A spokesman for Claims Direct advised; “These amounts are accepted as the standard guidelines for awarding compensation and claimants should be wary of any company that promises you more than is shown here. We have presented this graphic to give people a helpful and easily accessible guide to personal injury claims, but we always advise claimants that the amount of compensation awarded will always vary on a case by case basis.”

The new personal injury calculator infographic can be viewed on the Claims Direct website here: www.claimsdirect.co.uk/compensation-guidelines-for-your-injury

For more information on Claims Direct: www.claimsdirect.co.uk

Published on: 11:27AM on 17th May 2013