Maxymiser to support Tele2’s online customer engagement strategy across 10 European markets

One of Europe’s leading telecom operators, offering mobile services, fixed broadband and telephony, data network services, cable TV and content services, Tele2, has selected Maxymiser, the global expert in testing, personalization and cross channel optimization, as its pan-European provider of A/B, multivariate testing (MVT) and online optimization services.

Maxymiser will provide the technology and consultancy services to drive Tele2’s web optimization strategy across 10 European countries – from Scandinavia to Holland, and emerging markets including Kazakhstan – to ensure that the customer experience in each region is as relevant and effective as possible, thereby increasing overall conversion numbers.

Prior to selecting Maxymiser as its optimization partner, Tele2 had carried out some A/B and multivariate testing in some of its more advanced markets. However, insights were not always shared and the amount of resource available in the different countries varied significantly. Tele2 recognized that it needed a centrally coordinated and consistent approach to testing all aspects of its websites – from usability and infrastructure requirements, to content and offers – both to make each user experience as straightforward, engaging and relevant as possible, and to use the internal resource as effectively as possible.

Nick Keating, VP EMEA, Maxymiser, adds, “For any sizeable web business the easiest way to increase market size is to move into a new territory. But organisations need to minimize the risk and maximize effectiveness. We are very pleased to be working with a forward-thinking multinational organisation such as Tele2, who has recognized that by constantly testing and refining that country specific content, they can rapidly build upon online expertise and achieve the vision of cost effective international expansion.”

Published on: 3:52PM on 12th June 2013