DigitasLBi, the leading, most complete global digital agency network, will host a workshop, “Content that never sleeps: how brands use YouTube to talk to audiences 24/7”, at this year’s Cannes Lions Festival, the world’s greatest celebration of creative communications. The session, which has been designed to provide practical advice on YouTube content creation, will take place on Wednesday 19 June at 09.30-10.30am and again at 2.00-3.00pm.

Led by Canadian comedian Katherine Ryan and with a mentoring panel including Juan Ramlill of Sony Mobile and Ashley Cowan of Us3Productions, the DigitasLBi workshop will explore the creation of shareable brand content for YouTube. After a brief presentation outlining the ten golden rules for creating 24/7 YouTube content, delegates will be divided into groups to devise their own creative content ideas, which will be presented to the mentoring panel for detailed and constructive feedback. The best idea will be turned into a pilot programme and broadcast via YouTube.

“Most brands still see YouTube as a place to archive TV ads and showcase lengthy product demos, but the fact is that it’s a fully-fledged broadcast channel offering access to a huge audience, as well as low production costs and the promise of a direct, daily relationship with customers”, says Graham Hodge, Global Head of Branded Content at DigitasLBi. “We want delegates to leave the workshop with a unique insight into how to harness the power of YouTube in a way only previously tapped by the very luckiest amateur enthusiasts.”

More information on the workshop is available on the Cannes Lions site: http://www.canneslions.com/the_festival/programme

Watch a trailer for the workshop: http://youtu.be/wpUFay_-fQE

Published on: 11:00AM on 13th June 2013