Small businesses across the UK have been targeted by the UK Business Directory in a scam estimated to have cost its victims more than £50 million. In an attempt to stop the attacks, award winning internet marketer Susan Hallam has begun a campaign to raise awareness of the scam.

A small business owner herself, Susan, who is CEO of internet marketing agency Hallam Internet, was outraged to receive a call from the UK Business Directory and wrote a blog in response to the attack, which has since received dozens of comments from distressed victims. The blog can be seen at

Of the scam, Susan said - "I have been shocked by the widespread effects of this scam. Small business owners have been targeted by this group who terrify them with threats of County Court Judgements (CCJs) and bailiffs. But the reality is that they are nothing but scammers and it is only by raising awareness of the issue and working together that we stand any chance of stopping them.

I have yet to see any official groups set up or investigations put into motion to end these attacks but I hope that our coverage will bring the issue to the attention of those who can help us."

The issue has been ongoing for some time but was documented most notably by the blog on the Hallam Internet site in May 2012. Since then, the piece has received over 7,000 views and over 100 comments, plus numerous telephone calls from business owners seeking advice from the agency, which provides digital marketing strategy and tactics to businesses across the UK (

A victim, who has asked to remain anonymous but who told their story in a case study quoted in the Hallam blog (, was asked to pay £5,000. The victim said - "I was under extreme pressure and I was in a terrible mental state. I felt physically sick and was in fear that my business would be ruined so I foolishly made the payment."


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Published on: 10:23AM on 17th June 2013