AdManager Allows Pro Media Group to Increase Targeting Capabilities at Ad Group Level and Raise CPMs

RALEIGH, N.C. & LONDON--(BUSINESS WIRE)--June 1, 2005--Accipiter Solutions, Inc., an online advertising technology leader since 1996, today announced the signing of a new AdManager Hosted customer, Professional Media Group, LLC. Professional Media Group, based in Norwalk, Connecticut, publishes the education-related magazines University Business and District Administration and reaches a highly targeted group of over 100,000 education professionals. The company will use AdManager Hosted to serve ads to corresponding Web sites ( and as well as to over 80,000 daily e-newsletters.

Professional Media Group moved to AdManager Hosted from a combination of open source and proprietary systems that simply suited their business model at the time. However, as their business needs changed, the company required a more sophisticated ad management solution that would allow them to group ad campaigns across their site network as well as in the associated e-newsletters.

"We're using a unique business model in that our e-newsletter ad campaigns are scheduled on a daily basis, not by impression," said Kirk Snedeker, Web Manager for Professional Media Group. "It became increasingly difficult to manage multiple campaigns and advertiser invoicing using our old system."

In the past, managing campaigns with multiple ad placement sizes and different CPMs across the two Web sites and within the e-newsletters required Professional Media Group to manage campaigns for each ad placement. This process proved to be very time-consuming and left room for possible invoicing errors. AdManager allows Professional Media Group to group both Web site and e-newsletter elements into one campaign, "raising our CPMs and allowing us to easily track campaign performance," said Snedeker.

The ability to group campaigns helps Professional Media Group with their invoicing procedures as well. The company can now combine both Web site and e-newsletter campaigns into one insertion order for their advertisers which can be easily tracked. Snedeker notes that, "With one insertion order, we can see an advertiser's totals for the month and send out detailed customized reports on a regular basis that are very easy to read and understand."

Accipiter has also built a strong working relationship with Professional Media Group, based primarily on its world-class Technical Support team. "We continually strive to provide outstanding products and services and nurture long-term partnerships with our customers," said Jeff Wood, vice president of sales and account management for Accipiter. "Professional Media Group and other customers recognize our commitment to providing a personal level of service, our ability to react quickly to changing demands, and our willingness to find ways to solve the most unique business issues." Snedeker agrees, "Accipiter's support team has been very effective and attentive in helping us implement the product and to establish best practices."

AdManager Hosted uses the same technology as the licensed version, but in a cost-effective outsourced solution. Web publishers and media networks can get up and running quickly, eliminating the need for onsite ad management hardware, administrative software, and databases, freeing capital and resources for other uses. AdManager Hosted is built on a robust architecture platform, providing smooth migrations from incumbent technologies. AdManager is available on Windows NT, Solaris and Linux operating systems and supports a variety of database platforms such as Oracle, SQL Server, and Sybase. For more information, please visit

About Professional Media Group, LLC

Professional Media Group LLC., located in Norwalk, Connecticut, publishes the education-related magazines University Business and District Administration. University Business is a publication for presidents and other senior officers at two- and four-year colleges and universities throughout the United States. The magazine is circulated to 42,000 leaders who manage enrollment, technology, academic affairs and legislation and covers current and emerging trends in all areas of university and college management. District Administration, which has a circulation of 75,000, is the only education magazine to reach every K-12 superintendent in the country, along with assistant superintendents, technology directors, school board presidents and federal funds administrators, among others. The magazine covers current trends and pressing issues in the K-12 education industry along with strong coverage of emerging technologies and leadership issues for district-level administrators. For more information, please visit

About Accipiter

Based in Raleigh, North Carolina and London, UK, Accipiter, an online advertising technology leader since 1996, empowers Web publishers and media networks to maximize revenue and reduce operating costs through innovative online ad management and behavioral targeting technologies. Accipiter's industry-leading products provide effective campaign management and optimization, accurate inventory forecasting, up-to-the-minute reporting, precise audience targeting, and the ability to easily deliver and track any rich media format...all in real-time. With more than 350 customers worldwide, over 50 billion online ads are served each month using Accipiter technologies. Accipiter's experienced staff delivers solutions, services, and world-class support that help customers future proof their investments as their business needs evolve. For more information, please visit

Published on: 12:00AM on 1st June 2005