Oxford UK – Adestra, the UK based email marketing agency, will be providing a free email clinic at the forthcoming Online Marketing Show in London, on the 8th and 9th of June. All show attendees will be able to bring examples of their email marketing campaigns to be analysed by an Adestra expert who will provide useful, practical suggestions to improve them.

The show, organised by Centaur is in its first year and will provide visitors with a full overview of the latest developments, techniques and opportunities in internet, mobile and iTV marketing and advertising. The show is fully supported by the IAB (Interactive Advertising Bureau UK).

As part of this event, Adestra will be providing a free email clinic reviewing marketer’s campaigns to provide real hints and tips, that can be put into practice as soon as they get back to their desk. All consultations will be held in private. The Best practice hints, tips and advice will be drawn from the Adestra teams’ experience of working with marketers of various experience levels and within many different industries for the past 5 years.

Henry Hyder-Smith, Managing Director of Adestra commented

“Adestra clients presently benefit from close and tailored support for all levels of their organisation. To allow show attendees to benefit from our advice, insight and best practice is simply an extension of the extremely high service levels we pride ourselves on.”

He added: “We’ve been described by Oxford University Press as “An extension to their marketing team” which summarises the Adestra approach. From low level support through to strategic advice, we work closely with clients to meet all their support needs. Our willingness to provide this deep level of support to each of our clients makes Adestra different to other email marketing service providers. I’m really looking forward to helping show attendees experience this for themselves and helping them to improve their email marketing programs”

At the show, Adestra plan to launch Adestra’s Message Focus, which they believe is today’s best email marketing system, and the only one designed for advanced email marketers.

Booking an appointment within the email clinic

Attendees are encouraged to reserve an appointment within the Adestra email clinic. Instructions on how to do this can be on the Adestra site at:


Interest to date has been significant, but there will be holding a limited number of spaces available for people not able to pre-book. They recommend coming along to stand number 50 during the show and see if one of their experts is available.

About the show

The Online Marketing show is brought to you by NMA and Marketing Week. It takes place 8–9 June 2005 at The Royal Horticultural Hall, Westminster, London. For more information or to register free go to www.onlinemarketingshow.co.uk

About Adestra Ltd

Fast, responsive and knowledgeable

Adestra Ltd are a digital marketing agency that specialise in inbound and outbound email, fax and SMS broadcast solutions. Serving the marketing and content fulfillment needs of clients in many markets including publishing, entertainment, travel and charities, Adestra are relied upon by the key players in both B2B and B2C marketplaces for bulk or highly targeted individual campaigns.

The Adestra Message Focus email service is today’s best email marketing system and is the only one designed for advanced email marketers.

Adestra’s product and corporate information is located at http://www.adestra.com

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Published on: 12:00AM on 2nd June 2005