SAP Connectivity Suite provides robust and versatile integration between Esker DeliveryWare and SAP applications.

Derby, UK, June 2, 2005— Esker Software, the leader in SAP document delivery solutions, announces the new release of its SAP Connectivity Suite, providing superior integration between SAP applications and Esker DeliveryWare, its flagship document delivery server. This solution brings together four powerful components offering more flexibility than any other document delivery solution available in the SAP space.

SAP Connectivity Suite combines:
1. SAPconnect – the traditional interface for fax, email and wireless message communications from SAP applications.
2. SAP print interface – provides full routing of documents directly from SAP applications into Esker DeliveryWare, as well as full status of delivered jobs back into the SAP system.
3. SAP directory interfaces – allows the Esker DeliveryWare Rules Engine to lookup business partner delivery information in the SAP Vendor Master and Customer Master records.
4. SAP integration interfaces – allows industry-standard data to be passed in and out of SAP applications, including data “extracted” from scanned, faxed, and printed documents. Supported formats include EDI, SAP IDoc, SQL query/publish, and XML.

“Esker SAP Connectivity Suite is unique in the market place, offering a solution of unrivalled flexibility that brings document delivery to the fingertips of SAP customers via SAP standard integration interfaces,” says Catherine Dupuy, Esker DeliveryWare Product Manager at Esker Software. “The solution is easy to install and configure, and can be directly monitored in SAP interfaces.”

“We have consulted with Esker in the development of this advanced SAP Connectivity Suite for Esker DeliveryWare,” said Mike Bell, VP and General Manager for the SAP practice of RJT Compuquest, an Esker Certified Partner and SAP Solution Provider. “Esker has built this based on what SAP customers are telling us they need, and we’re pleased to be in on the ground floor of deploying it.”

“We are constantly investigating new integration technologies to maximize SAP delivery options,” says Mitch Baxter, Executive Vice President of Business Development at Esker Software. “With automated document flow to and from SAP solutions resting at the heart of our strategy, we continue to develop and improve performance so our customers can benefit from faster, more reliable communication.”

Esker concentrates on document delivery solutions for SAP customers. This release unleashes even more powerful capabilities, cementing Esker’s lead in the SAP document delivery space.

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About Esker Software
Esker is the intelligent document delivery leader. With software and hosted delivery services to automate every phase and every type of document delivery, Esker helps organisations streamline manual, paper-intensive business processes providing significant and immediate operational efficiencies, cost savings and measurable ROI in as little as three to six months.

Esker intelligent document delivery solutions include:

Esker DeliveryWare – a single and universal information exchange platform that captures, formats, converts, routes and stores documents – automatically – from any enterprise application. It features the industry’s broadest range of delivery media and file format conversion options and is the only solution with the DeliveryWare Rules Engine for document processing intelligence that eliminates the need for custom programming.

Esker on Demand – document delivery services enabling physical mail, fax, email and SMS delivery from enterprise and desktop applications with no printers, mailroom equipment, fax machines, office supplies, etc. The worldwide Esker on Demand network can be accessed via Esker DeliveryWare or on-line via Esker on Demand for Office.

Founded in 1985, Esker operates globally and has over 70,000 customers and millions of licensed users worldwide. Esker has global headquarters in Lyon, France, U.S. headquarters in Madison, WI and UK offices in Derby. For more information, visit

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Published on: 12:00AM on 2nd June 2005