London, July 2013

The market for user experience services is still growing, with the discipline now a consideration at board level and often central to business change, according to Econsultancy’s User Experience Buyer’s guide 2013.

Each supplier of services listed in the buyer’s guide has predicted growth of their revenues during 2013, the report also found.

Ben Davis, the report's author, said: “It’s clear that user experience agencies are being taken as seriously as ever. The growing importance of design-led projects has seen the involvement of more and more players in this space, including management consultancies. So, the user experience market is burgeoning and is very competitive."

The guide details the fragmentation of audiences across desktop, laptop, smartphone and tablet, as well as marketing channels such as social media, email and website. The ability for companies to maintain a coherent message across devices and channels is one of the major challenges and benefits of good user experience.

Davis added: “Although larger companies are starting to build in-house teams of user experience professionals, the need for objectivity means there is still demand at this level for external agencies. These agencies are working in ever more agile ways, in an effort to remain efficiently embedded with a client organisation, to ensure good consistency of work."

With conversion optimisation now an established science, the guide details, there’s really no reason for any company not to have user experience on its agenda. The customer sees user experience as key to good service, and increasing numbers of tools allow marketers to more easily combine quantitative research with qualitative user data, and deliver personalised experiences to customers.

Key market trends in 2013:

- Industry thrives as companies focus on user experience
- Companies create value through great customer experiences
- Audience fragmentation highlights the need for cross-platform integration and mobile focus
- Companies increasingly favour agile processes and in-house teams
- Established techniques lower barriers to conversion rate optimisation

About this report:

Our 2013 User Experience Buyer’s Guide assesses the UK marketplace for user experience services from the perspective of the buyer.

The report contains an overview of market trends, tips and pitfalls for buyers and profiles of 23 companies offering services in this space.

Which companies are featured in this report?

The report contains profiles of the following suppliers: Amberlight Partners, Bunnyfoot, Clearleft, Cogapp, cxpartners, ExperienceLab, Experience Solutions, Fathom, Foolproof, Human Factors International, Nomensa, PRWD, RedEye, Seren, SimpleUsability, Super User Studio, System Concepts, Tobias & Tobias, User Vision, Userfocus, Web Usability Partnership, Webcredible, your mum

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Published on: 4:00PM on 1st July 2013