Leading international content marketing agency NewsReach (www.newsreach.co.uk) has released a new white paper which aims to highlight key ways in which businesses can maximise the effectiveness of social media.

The report, entitled Social Media through the Customer Journey, is available as a free download (http://www.newsreach.co.uk/knowledge-centre/whitepapers/social-media-through-the-customer-journey/) on the NewsReach website and gives a thorough explanation of the importance of using social media within the framework of a business or its marketing activities, featuring practical tips on the best ways to deploy a successful social media strategy.

With more than 62 million hours spent on social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook each day, it has never been more important for businesses to engage with online communities. More than a third of social media users have posted about brands online, further emphasising the need for firms to build their online reputation through engaging content.

The report should be of particular note to the marketing community, with nearly three quarters of marketers (72%) crediting social media for helping them close sales.

With more firms than ever before providing content online, report author Karen Webber says it is becoming increasingly important for companies to differentiate their offering, stand out from the crowd and attract consumers.

She said: “People are talking about companies and their competitors on social media now, and it’s up to firms whether they want to be leading the conversation or not.

“We’ve created the report to help guide businesses, advising them on how to tailor their social media interaction through all five stages of their customer journey, close more sales and ultimately increase profitability.

“There’s no doubt that if businesses develop an intelligent social media strategy and tailor messages and content types to each stage of the journey they will see improved conversion and better returns, and through this report we hope to assist as many firms as possible to do so.”

About the authors:
Alan Boyce is the managing director of Axonn Media, the parent company of NewsReach. Karen Webber is the head of marketing communications for Axonn Media.

White paper URL: http://www.newsreach.co.uk/knowledge-centre/whitepapers/social-media-through-the-customer-journey/


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Published on: 3:36PM on 8th July 2013